Looking for speaking partner

Helo pawb. As a resident of Lloegr I’m looking for a speaking practice partner, ideally for southern region Cymraeg. I am doing level 3 SSIW and am also doing Cwrs Sylfaen ar lein. If anyone is interested please let me know.

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Ill practice with you!! :slight_smile:

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Prynhawn da Paul
Diolch yn fawr.
If you don’t mind emailing me your contact details to d.jones200@me.com I can give you a call when convenient to you and we can line something up.
Thanks again
David Jones

What part of Lloegr are you?
I’m Weston-super-Mare. Ive dobe both South & North courses. Tri-lingual! Lol.

Hi Cris. I’m in the Midlands - near Stafford. Impressed you’ve done/are doing both courses. Concentrating on Cymraeg de is enough for me. Are you interested in speaking practice ar lein? If so may be worth having a conversation to discuss. My email address is d.jones200@btinternet if you would like to follow up. Cheers, David Jones

Yes David i’d like to link up but your email address is not complete here. Is it btinternet.com or .co.uk or .org etc?

Mae’n ddrwg ‘da fi - it should be d.jones200@btinternet.com

Dim problem David. Byddai ebostio chdi yn fuan.