Looking for S4C TV show participants

Like most channels there are quite a few programmes on S4C featuring members of the public… Am Dro springs to mind. I was curious about where the companies (most S4C content is produced by independent companies rather than being made in-house) advertise for participants. I’ve had a look at one or two of their sites and can’t see anything. There must be somewhere.

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A fair bit of recruiting happens on social media these days and there are often posts on facebook from the companies producing - certainly we at Cwmni Da have used it for various series and I definitely recall seeing posts for Am Dro contributors too (that’s not one of Cwmni Da’s). I’m not on Twitter but I imagine they post there too.
Then there is still the old fashioned way used too - ads in local papers or papurau bro for instance. We also contact specific interest sites and forums depending on what’s required (I’ve posted occasionally on here in the past :wink: ).


Fancy going on the radio instead @stuart_robertson_758? :slight_smile:

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I have a Welsh speaking friend who was living in Japan. She would get called upon for things like rugby, when it was happening in Japan, or if there was an earthquake. Our own @Novem is surely on a list for all things Welsh and Finnish.

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The word ‘confidently’ doesn’t apply to me at the moment.

Cwmni Da have just posted this on FB if anyone’s interested!

Mae Canu Gyda Fy Arwr yn ôl! Canu Gyda Fy Arwr is back!
Os ydych chi eisiau’r cyfle i fod yn rhan o’r gyfres nesaf, llenwch y ffurflen gais rŵan!
If you want the chance to be part of the next series, fill in the application form now!

(Closing date for applications is June 7th)


Another request for contributors on FB, this time for “Am Dro”

Another casting call -
Casting Call : We are looking for NON WELSH Speaking confident kids ideally from London/ Manchester/Liverpool/Birmingham/Swansea to have an experience of a lifetime traveling back in time for a new prime time series for S4C filming this summer. Between 9-15 and ideally siblings/ cousins/friends. Please share Diolch! Wildflame Productions S4C

The TV company Tinopolis is looking for contestants for a new S4C series to find Wales’ best new photographer. Open to anyone over 18. For more details you can email ffotograffiaeth@tinopolis.com

@carin-harris - one for you to mention in your group?


This sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve changed the thread title to make it a little more generic, and I’ll mention it in the newsletter :camera_flash:


Diolch Siaron will do. I’m well over 18 so don’t think I’ll apply though lol
I’ll also share on some of the FB photography groups I admin for if that’s ok?

I didn’t notice an upper limit, @carin-harris :upside_down_face:

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I have a friend Angharad who works for Tinopolis in Llanelli and is searching for people to go on Heno almost on a daily basis. If you want to be put in touch, send me a message!


Something for our more advanced gang? ‘Am Dro’ are looking for participants, so if you fancy a go or know someone else who might be interested, go for it or pass it on!

Yda chi awydd mynd ‘Am Dro’? Awydd cael lot o hwyl wrth arwain tri o bobl eraill a miloedd o wylwyr S4C ar eich dewis chi o daith gerdded.

Awydd cyfle i ennill ££££££££

Mae Am Dro yn castio am gyfres newydd. Os oes gennych diddordeb neu yn nabod rhywun sydd â diddordeb, cysylltwch!

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Diolch @Cetra
I had success by contacting the address. I will make a separate post about my bit.

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Extras wanted!

Mae tîm cynhyrchu ar ‘Stad’ S4C sef cyfres newydd o ‘Tipyn O Stad’ yn chwilio am bobl lleol o gwmpas ardal Caernarfon fasa efo diddordeb i fod yn ecstras ar y gyfres.

Os da chi efo diddordeb, plis anfonwch ebost at aled.ellis@cwmnida.tv efo llun diweddar, eich taldra ag eich rhif ffôn.

The production team on ‘Stad’, which is a new series of ‘Tipyn O Stad’ are looking for local people from the area around Caernarfon who would be interested in being extras on the series.

If you are interested, please send an email to aled.elis@cwmnida.tv with a recent photo, your height and your phone number.

More extras wanted!


♻️Mi fyddwn ni’n ffilmio cyfres gomedi am griw o weithwyr canolfan ailgylchu yn Blaenau Ffestiniog mis Tachwedd.

👉Felly, 'da ni’n chwilio am bobl leol sydd yn rhydd yn ystod y dydd i fod yn ecstras. Os 'da chi ffansi, cysylltwch â rybish@cwmnida.tv


♻️We’ll be filming a comedy series in Blaenau Ffestiniog in November.

👉So, we’re looking for local people who are free during the day to be extras. To register your interest please contact rybish@cwmnida.tv

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Another request for contributors on FB -

Ffansi fod yn ran or cynhyrchiad newydd i fod ar S4C? Ydych yn byw am y weeknd?? A cael rhyddhad or job go iawn??

Cysylltwch gydar ebost isod i gael y cyfle


Slam Media Boom Cymru

May be an image of 1 person and text

Slam Media

Ydych chi neu rhywun y’ch chi’n nabod yn gwylio’r cloc gydol yr wythnos yn awchu am y penwthnos? Ydych chi’n gwneud unrhywbeth tu hwnt i’r norm gyda’ch penwthnos?

Rydym ni eisiau clywed beth chi’n gwneud gyda’ch penwthnos ar gyfer rhaglen newydd sbon fydd ar S4C flwyddyn nesa’.

Os ydych chi’n meddwl bydde chi neu rhywun chi’n nabod yn berffaith ar gyfer y gyfres yma, cysylltwch â ni!

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Perhaps someone might know of Welsh-speaking children between 9 and 12 who might be interested in this?

We (Cwmni Da) are looking for the next Deian and Loli - more details here https://www.cwmnida.cymru/en/search-launched-for-young-actors-to-play-tv-twins-deian-a-loli/
and in our press release here:

Slightly older age group for this one…
Looking for people between 18 and 26 who are good at telling lies!