Looking for on-line speaking partner

After a long, long time of neglecting my Welsh speaking skills, I am getting back into it, but I am not having success in finding one-to-one partners on the Slack Welsh Speaking Practice workspace. I’ve tried the #online-now and #general-chat channels, without success.
Any suggestions will be welcomed. Diolch!

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Hi there Baruch, I did see your message on Slack and was very tempted, but I’ve only been learning since the end of August, so “chatting” with me would probably be a real bore for you. Anyway, seeing as no-one has come forward, I’d be more than happy to give it a try.

I’ve never used the “call” function on Slack - it’s unclear to me whether it would be just audio (to difficult for me!) or whether it would be a video call. But I’ve got Zoom and could set up a meeting. Also FaceTime would be an option.

EDIT: Please don’t hesitate to say no! As I said, I expect you must be looking for someone more advanced.

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I am on level 1 lesson 21. I need to find a speaking partner. I think I can do FaceTime.

Hi Cathy-Nicholas. I’m at the same stage and need a partner. Have you managed to find anyone yet?

Apologies for the delay in replying the reason being that I have spent ages thinking things through and for many reasons I have decided not to find a speaking partner at the moment. I am therefore going to carry on and simply enjoy the course in my own way. When it’s finished I will know a lot more than when I started and I will be more than happy with that. Thank you for asking.

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No problem. Good luck and hope you’re enjoying learning :smile:

I’m enjoying it but I am not very good. . My brother your sister still continues to confuse me along with a few other things. Speaking is the way to learn I know, my son chatted to everyone he could find and is now fluent. Everyone is different. I will keep at it and hopefully improve. I need to practice more - I can actually say that in Welsh. All the best.

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Hi All, I’ve just finished Challenge 21, Level 1 and to be honest, didn’t enjoy it because it talked about my mother (who is long gone) and your mother and them not liking each other - no way I’m going to get involved in a conversation like that, I’ll be drummed out the village!

However, although I do have someone to sound some of my Cymraeg off, I have got to the stage that I do need help with another learner. Does anyone live in the Carmarthen or Carmarthenshire area. I live about 7 miles out of Carmarthen. I suspect because of my age, once the longer sentences come in, I’m finding it a bit more difficult to remember what @Aran has said, though I do manage to get some of it out. I’m particulary fazed by she told me, she said etc but getting there. I can facetime, zoom although not very technically minded. Could even phone or mobile.

As I said before, lots of Welsh speaking people are thrilled in the village that I’m having a go but it tends to stop at Dai Iawn Sandy.

Dw’in caru my SSiW journey and have been listening to the rugby on S4C and Prynhawn Da in the afternoon, pleased that I can pick up quite a few words.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Hello Sandy
I’m looking for practice partner dw’'n bwy get Haverfordwest wedi bod yn dysgu am new mis.
I’m older too and find longer sentences hard although can make up my own easier
I’m on challenge 9 second course. We could talk on whatsapp edrych ymlaen clywed gennych.

Hello Margaret, Dw’in hapus i gwrdda â chi :slight_smile: Dw’in 69 but a bit nervous you are so far ahead! Ddim yn swr sut dw’in galli helpu? Also, if it was What’s App, presumably that would have to be by text? Dw’in hapus to trio!

I’m 67 nearly 68. WhatsApp is an app that’s free and you can message call and video on your phone. Depends what mobile you have.

I am on What’s App but didn’t know you could do something like FaceTime on it. My phone is an I-Phone 7. I’ve just had a look at What’s App and still can’t see how you can. Is that due to the age of my phone?
My name on there is the same as on here without the hyphen if you want to connect by text first. Do you use FaceTime? I’m familiar with that.

I’m having my hair done tomorrow (it needs it!) and busy at the weekend but perhaps next week some time. What’s best for you? Sandy

If you go into a contact to message them on top bar is video camera that’s how you do video call tried finding you on whatsapp but not coming up will message you next week to arrange mutual time.

So sorry Margaret, I didn’t get a notification of this message just came in and noticed it now. I think we’ve got a private message system on here, I’ll find it and send you my number. I’ve found where the video camera is. Hope all still well, weather awful here.