Looking for locations in South Wales

Wondering if anyone can help me out - does anyone know of any care homes/respites or council estates anywhere in South Wales which have a high percentage of Welsh speakers?

Added ‘South Wales’ to your title @siaronjames, in the hope it helps to draw attention. :wink:

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Llys Fechan, 48 Carmarthen Road, Cross Hands. Why do you want to know? carehome.co.uk has a language question. I would imagine that all care homes round here have a lot of Welsh spoken, and the Old Folks Bungalows, council owned streets and cul de sacs in Sir Gâr.

Thanks Margaret. It’s for a potential TV programme on S4C - only an idea at the moment, so I’m just checking out possibilities.

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Hi Siaron. Our friends have a large nursing home in Swansea, I could ask them if they have many Welsh speakers or if they know of another home.

I did some work a few years ago in the large council estate in Rhayder. It had a Cymraeg feel to it. OK, more “southern Wales” than South Wales. TBF, most of the estates I know tend to be more Saesneg. I wonder If I should be thinking more Aman or Swansea Valleys - I’ll ask in work and come back with a more helpful answer. :frowning:

Thanks John :slight_smile:

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