Looking for good Book about The Welsh Not

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@rich told a personal story of his family’s connection to wearing the Welsh Not. It reminded me, that I need a good llyfr Hanes Cymreig (Welsh history book) and I’m hoping someone can recommend a good book about “The Welsh Not.” Ideally, the book would have several personal examples how the policies were carried out and the impact it had. I’ve found two possible books, but they both look academic and therefore probably dry. I’ve not been able to find any reviews nor examples of table of contents for the books to determine if they contain what I’m looking for. Has anyone read any of them OR can recommend another book.

Let’s Do Our Best for the Ancient Tongue: The Welsh Language in the Twentieth Century (Social History of the Welsh Language) (A Social History of the Welsh Language

Our Children’s Language - The Welsh-Medium Schools of Wales 1939-2000

I did find this Chidren’s story which looks promising. Anyone have a review?
Welsh History Stories: O.M. Edwards and the Welsh Not

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The Welsh Not was connected with what we call the ‘Treachery of the Blue Books’, so books on that will probably give you a better insight.

I’ve not read these particular ones, but here are a couple I found in a quick online search:
(there is a description and review there too)
This one’s in Welsh. No review though.
The children’s book you mentioned is also available in Welsh http://www.gwales.com/goto/biblio/en/9781855965577/


Diolch, Sharon. I’ll look at those, too.

I stumbled across this novel yesterday and thought it would suit. It’s obviosly not a history book but according to the lady in the shop it is based on some real life experiences …

Pren a Chansen - Myrddin ap Dafydd

There’s also an english version available called ‘Under the Welsh not.’


Looking at that picture of the girl with the Welsh Not, there should be a caption underneath saying “Be bynnag ac er gwaetha’r pawb a phopeth dwi’n dal yn mynd i siarad fel dw i moyn” - “whatever and despite everyone and everything I’m still going to talk as I like”

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Diolch o galon, eto, Gruntius! Thank you for seeing this random book and somehow dredging a stale memory from wherever we pack them and updating my old post from two months ago. This book was published March 5, 2019, so three weeks ago!

My only decision is whether to buy in Cymraeg, knowing it may be a year before my skills are adequate to read, or purchase in Saesneg…dilemma’s of the learner.
Edited to add - purchased from the Book Depository yn y Gymraeg. It will be my reward when my skills are advanced enough!

That’s what I love about this forum, mostly strangers coming together with a shared passion for Cymraeg and a willingness to help one another become better…truly amazing!


They are good enough now, maybe not to read fluently but with a dictionary and a bit of patience you’ll be absolutely fine. It’ll get easier as you get further through it too.


I agree with this. Last summer I bought Manon Steffan Ross’s Llyfr Glas Nebo thinking it would be a year or more before I could think of reading it. But then by Christmas I found, with a bit of effort and a dictionary, I could read it and really enjoy it. Believe in yourself!

I think I shall buy this one too. It sounds fascinating


Martin Johnes in his recent book and television series points out that the role of the Welsh Not has been exaggerated and over-romanticised. Humiliating and then hitting kids for making mistakes at school is obviously barbaric, but al lot of the stories about it are the ones we want to hear.


Diolch, RobBruce. I saw that review on nation.cymru last week. I would so enjoy watching the show, but in the United States my access has been blocked. I was able to watch on demand shows via BBC iPlayer, but now it requires proof of license. The book will be available in October of this year. So, patiently, I wait until I can read the book or find the show online.

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Diolch yn fawr, Gruntius. I’m really enjoying the Welsh version Pren a Chansen. I’m glad you saw this book and thought to post it here. Sometimes, I can read two sentences without a problem. Other times, I know 2 words, but it’s a great challenge, and I’m enjoying it.

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Brilliant, I still haven’t bought it for myself yet so it’s good that you like it. I’ll buy it while in C’narfon I think.

Every word you look up is another potential word in your vocab. Hard work is never hard when you enjoy it, right?

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You’re correct, but sometimes it can be frustrating, because I want to seriously dig into the book, but it’s slow going due to my lack of Cymraeg. After 2.5 weeks, I’m 14 pages into it. If I have 10 minutes to spare, I’ll read somewhere between two sentences or a short paragraph. It’s slowly coming and I"m learning so many new words. Instead of using psygod the author used brithyll. Trout is a new word for me.

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I’ve probably learned more words outside of SSiW than from the lessons, just nouns and verbs I mean, and the vast majority of them have come from books. SSiW teaches the forms and structures but will never be able to teach you the contents of the dictionary. I learnt a word from ‘Gwylliaid’ by Bethan Gwanas about 4 years ago, gwaywffon meaning spear, and having not came across it since read it again last night, Eva by BG again (is it only her that uses that word?!), and remembered it. How amazing is the human mind?! I’m lucky that I get a few hours a week to be able to read though. Dal ati.

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Absolutely amazing stuff, to be able pick up another language at 48 and it’s sticking. You’re correct, SSiW does not give me the dictionary, but that’s filling in gaps.

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