Looking for a welsh tutor in newport area


Im based in newport and looking for a local welsh tutor. Im struggling to find anyone local on tuition sites / yellow pages etc. Does anyone have any recommendations for any tutors based in the newport area.

Thanks in advance.

I can’t help with any specifics, Andy, but have you tried the local ‘Welsh for Adults’ centre? I got in contact with the one here in Cardiff and they sent out an email for me to all the tutors on their books, to see if anyone would be interested in teaching one to one.

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Coleg Gwent Cymraeg i Oedolion, (Welsh for Adults centre) is based in Pontypŵl. There are regular classes in Newport and the surrounding area.The contact telephone number is 01495 333710. You can speak to them in Welsh or English, or you can access them via their website.

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