Looking for a Welsh Song - Rhythm of Life


I am looking for a certain recording of the song “Rhythm of Life” done by what I believe is a professional Welsh choir. I first heard it BBC Radio - Cymru last fall, and I looked for it and looked for it and the only version I can find is this (awesome) show choir version:

The version I am looking for was at least 3-4 minutes long, and all I can describe it as is a professional recording of an adult choir singing in Welsh.

Any help is much appreciated!

As an alternate, how would a Welsh speaker translate the name of this song into Cymraeg?


And now, Sammy Davis Jr. : Rhythm of Life - Sammy Davis Jr. - YouTube

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I’ll tag @beca-brown for you - her daughter was in the Glanaethwy choir, so she may still have the words.

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While we’re waiting for Beca (she’s a very busy lady!), I’m back to work part-time tomorrow afternoon for a ‘phased return’ after a slipped disc, and I have a colleague who is also in the Glanaethwy choir, so I’ll ask her too.

That’s so kind thank you!

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Hi @tim-32

The Welsh version is “Rhythm y Dawns”, and if you look for that you should find recordings of it by several Welsh choirs - hopefully one will be the specific one you wanted.

I now have a copy of the words too, but I can’t post them publicly as they are copyrighted.

You are the best!

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