Looking for a welsh practicing partner

Level 1, challenge 21 south

  1. looking for a practicing partner to swap sentences (instructions from SSIW below)
  2. What should I do technically to make contact with this partner (skype?)

Please help me out. Anyone.

Step 1

So, a few weeks ago you found someone to listen to your practice sentences - for a maximum of just 5 minutes.

If you didn’t have access to anyone where you lived, you found someone on the forum or on Facebook or some other way.

And I warned you that you NEED to find a partner - online, face-to-face, however you do it - because it’s the last piece of the jigsaw.

It’s the magic sauce that is going to make the next couple of months an amazingly exciting time for you.

This week, you need another five minutes with your partner.

But this time round, they absolutely have to be a Welsh speaker - although it doesn’t matter if they’re still an early stage learner like you.

Because you’re going to SWAP practice sentences.

You say one - any one at all - and then they say one.

The sentences do NOT have to be connected in any way.

You are NOT trying to have a conversation.

You’re just working through the practice sentences, and pausing to hear a little random Welsh in between each of your sentences.

Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) on Slack is probably the best way to find someone – just e-mail admin@saysomethingin.com and ask the nice people to invite you :slight_smile:

Happy to help via WSP or Skype if I’m around at the right time of day for you (might depend on where you live!)


diolch yn fawr, Greg. Just sent the mail to admin. See what happens next.

greetings from the Netherlands


I have a one-to-one chatathon for 4 hours most Thursdays on WSP, Vincent, so if you don’t make an arrangement with anyone else, I’ll be around to admire your sentences!

Diolch, Bronwen. But what is WSP? (mae’n drwg da fi)

The Welsh Speaking Practice group (see above) on Slack…

I thinkl I will be ready on thursday, Bronwen.

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Hi, I’m looking for a practice partner. I’m on level 2 challenge 12 Southern course.

I’ve just started level 2 challenge 13 & on the Southern course as well if you want to practice with me. Sunday is my best day then it’s either Saturday evening if I’m not working on Wednesday evening after 6:00.