Looking for a speaking practice partner

I’m just about to start Level 1, Challenge 18 (North) & really feel I need to be practicing Welsh in conversation more often. So, I’m asking if there’s anyone out there at a similar point in the course who’d be willing to ‘partner-up’ for regular-ish chats yn y Gymraeg?

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I would love to. 77yo living in Bedfordshire and no Welsh contacts. Margaret


That’s great @margaretbuscombe. I’ll message you to work out when we can have our 1st chat.

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Also worth (if you haven’t already) signing up for www.saysomethingin.com/wsp :slight_smile:

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O.K. I am very hesitant at speaking, an actually read it better. Diolch, Margaret.

Forgot to add, only at Level 8-9 if that is far enough for you, M

Margaret, I have had some other offers to “partner-up” from people who are closer to where I am in the course. As I’m about 10 lessons ahead of you it might be a struggle for you to understand some of the sentences I’d be using. However, I & the other 2 people are going to set up a Hangout tomorrow night (Monday) at about 7.30pm & you’d be most welcome to join in. This will be on the Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) part of Slack. Let me know if you’d like to & I’ll send an invitation. I hope you can join us.

Are you still in Bedfordshire? I’m in Harlington, Mid Beds. I’m meeting up with Glynn from Northamptonshire on 13th August for a walk from our village followed by a visit to the village pub. I wondered if it might be of interest. If not the walk then meet us at the pub perhaps?