Looking for a speaking partner

I am on level 1, challenge 22, where I was told to promise to find a speaking partner.
I have recorded one set of sentences on SoundCloud but did not get them posted further than an email sent to myself. I don’t care about what color I am, pink, green or otherwise. I’d just like to learn to speak and read Cymraeg. I think this is an excellent program and is the fourth one I’ve tried over the past 35 years. I’ve made a lot better headway with It, diolch yn fawr iawn!
I would like to practice with a Welsh Welsh speaker if one is willing.
I do not have access to anything other than FaceTime for video “conferring”** But this posting is awkward enough and I am nervous about taking this step. It helps to know others have been shy too.
Thank you for this forum and thanks to those kind people being helpful on it.
**From a ranch off the grid in Northern California

Hi, @karen-rice! I’m not sure how many native Welsh speakers use this forum; the vast majority of us are learners, like you. But there are some fluent Welsh speakers in our Welsh Speaking Practice group. Maybe you could join the WSP and ask again? Just drop a message with ‘WSP’ in the heading to: admin@saysomethingin.com

Good luck!


Thank you Bronwen. I appreciate your reply and suggestions.