Looking for a practice partner

Hello all,

I’d love to find someone to practice with! I’m pretty new - but would like to get practicing. It would be great to find someone who is roughly at the same point as me. I’m currently at Level 1, Lesson 15 of the North Wales course.

Looking for someone at about the same level who’d like to try meeting up via Zoom / Skype etc and practicing together.


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Helo, do you still want someone to practice with.I m Peter Lucas im in Australia hoffi ni cuv le siarad gi dutti. It would be good to meet? Diolch im on level 1 challenge 19 now.

Are either of you still needing a practice partner, or want a spare? Please let me know. I’m doing Automagic, but also signed up this week to 6/6 so am working through a bit of a back log of tasks up to Challenge 21. I posted on Slack yesterday, but haven’t had any response to my question about where to find the particular link for seeking practice partners that is supposed to be there, and I have not had any response to other Slack posts seeking 1:1 practise. Deborah (one of SSiW’s wonderful helpers) told me you can do 1:1 as a ‘huddle’ through Slack (but, of course, without a partner, I haven’t had a chance to try it!). I live in Tasmania, Australia, but am happy to try and sync (not too outrageous!) other time zones. I’ve joined the great southern land Slack group, and it is is fun reading children’s books with that friendly little group, but I can’t use up their zoom time just with my need to practise.

Shwmae , dwi ne dod yn Alice Springs, Australia. Dwi ne moy n siar ad gudu ti.I am in Alice so I can or we can help each other. Da iawn ?

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That would be great, Peter! I have no idea how to organise Zoom, so suggest we could try 1:1 on Slack; however, I haven’t a seen a ‘peterluke’ there. Are you using a different name on that platform? You can find me in the # 2-introduce-yourself channel on July 10th. (Seem to have just lost part of what I wrote… Back to it…) send a message to me there and we can organise a ‘huddle’ time. Diolch yn fawr. Susan

Look for Peter Lucas in 6/6 Slack @susan-w-lewin :slight_smile: