Looking for a new Submissions Officer for the Online Eisteddfod

As those of you who have been around for a while will know, we try to organise a SSiW Online Eisteddfod each year so that even those of you living in the most far flung places can participate in a little bit of Welsh culture. It’s been held every year since 2010 apart from one, so that makes it an SSiW tradition!

All those years we’ve been very fortunate to have the help of @dafyddyfelin as our Submissions Officer - the person who receives the entries, posts them on the forum with their ffugenwau (pseudonyms) and organises the polls for voting. However, this year he’s retiring from duty, so we’re looking for someone to step into his shoes. He’s sent a description of the process and he’s happy to explain more if needs be to the novice Submissions Officer, but we’d love to hear from anyone who fancies taking it on.

It only requires basic IT knowledge - a bit of familiarity with how the forum works should be sufficient - and we can help if anything isn’t clear.

So could volunteers please form a neat queue and @nia.llywelyn and I will be very happy to see you :slight_smile:

@CatrinLliarJones yn y cylchlythr nesa plîs :slight_smile:

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If someone rili rili wants to do that, please go ahead! :grin:

But if nobody shows up in the queue or you’d like to keep a backup Officer, just in case, I can volunteer for the role (kinda odd an Italian for this? :thinking: But anyway!)


Nothing odd about it @gisella-albertini! We’re a very international bunch :slight_smile: and unless someone else jumps up shouting “Me! Me!” and elbows you out of the way, you’ve got the job.


No hurry, we can wait and see for a few days I guess! :grin:


If not, I’ll wait for further instructions!


That is so cute!! I don’t actually think you’ll have any competition and Nia and I would be delighted to have you on the team, so diolch yn fawr iawn! Croeso i’r Submissions Officer newydd :clap:


I’m guessing my bit in the email this week will be about welcoming Gisella, then…:wink:


Oh just seen the newsletter - thanks for the introduction! ;:relaxed::orange_heart:

I promise to take my role seriously and actually looking forward to organizing this year edition with @Deborah-SSi, @nia.llywelyn and I don’t know who else is involved !

But since you mentioned it, may I bring in some a gusto with a gelato for some Italian inspiration in my task? :grin:


The group sesiwn canu would like to include another item to the competition if possible.
@gisella-albertini…which is include new words to a song called ‘ Hen wraig fach’.
Here’s a copy of the words and I’ve added an YouTube link to the song,
Diolch :smile:

BB9B2254-7A95-448B-BA2F-E8C9E905DAD5 https://youtu.be/8o5dM_utiLM

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Anything is possible in the 2020 SSiW online Eisteddfod! :laughing:

And these lyrics? :dizzy_face:

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Pam lai @gisella-albertini😂

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