London Welsh Centre 1-day course 22 June

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Hi Nigel - I saw this from a google search a week or so ago. Have you been to it before and is it any good? I generally avoid London like the plague and it would be a chunk of change and a schlep to get there and back so I had discounted it from consideration.

@peterallen @KateM advice thoughts?

Would you be looking to go in the Intermediate class?

Haha - I wish! Dw i newydd ddechrau! Dw i wedi bod’n dysgu am biti mis. To be honest my dislike for traveling to London is enough to put me off anyway! Thanks for asking though.

Sorry for the delay in replying, been at the SSiW party and bwtcamp but back now. The one day courses are good and you are able to move between levels on the day if you initially choose the wrong group.

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