London St Pancras/King's Cross regular meet-up 12.15pm

I am meeting with a couple of fellow learners in St Pancras Station Sunday 1st of September and we thought we would open the meeting up to anyone else who wanted to come. We have been learning between 8 months and 2 years through say something but welcome anyone from about 3 months learning to 10 years or fluent.

There is no set plan yet but there is a big Pret a Manger in St Pancras Station. We were thinking to meet there at 12.15 for tea coffee soft drinks. I am going to have a think what to do next. I think there is a walk that you can do from there, the london welsh language centre is close by so perhaps we can all check that out together or visit a near by pub for a drink and a chat. If anyone has any ideas we are happy to hear. I think it will run on til about 3.15 but you are happy to come and go as you please. We are all friendly and you are welcome to come along or with a friend. The only thing we ask is you bring your Cymraeg.

Kings Cross and St Pancras are practically the same place but it might be worth having a look on line at the layout as St Pancras is quiet big,


Sounds good. I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

I have guests that weekend or I’d be there! The Welsh Centre is indeed nearby, but I don’t think it’s usually open on a Sunday so you might like to check.

I’d like to come if I can :slight_smile:

I’d love to! Might bring my Welsh partner for moral/linguistic support. I started learning 10 years ago for a semester at uni, got really good, promptly forgot everything, re-started just over a year ago with SSi (paused the 6-month course about 3/4 of the way through but recently picked it back up again) and am finally getting somewhere! In no small part thanks to my newfound obsession with Pobol o Cwm :wink: I have plans on the 1st but will try to move them around. I know the area pretty well so happy to provide suggestions for pubs etc.

You are very welcome. See you then.

This is great to hear. Hope you can make it and your partner will be most welcome.

I will come along.

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Alla i ddim ddod 1af Medi ond hoffwn i eich ymuno dro nesa

I’ll be there, Marcus - looking forward to meeting some of my hangout friends in person

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Great to hear from everyone. I am really looking forward to Sunday. I’ve posted this in a couple of other places so I think we are around 8 or 9 people at the moment. From other things like this that I have been on this should work well.

I am just confirming for everyone that this is still happening. We are expecting 5-10 people so hopefully see you there.

I’m coming too - probably won’t stay very long as I’m a fairly new learner and may not understand much! Please tell me your children are a llon llaw go iawn, and we’ll get off to a good start!

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Sorry Marcus - I won’t be able to make it after all.
Unexpected emergency has come up.
Hope it goes well

Six of us met up and had a great day. I will work out a date for the next one and post in here again.

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Thank you for organising it, Marcus. I enjoyed meeting you all and trying a live Welsh conversation properly for the first time. Diolch yn fawr iawn! For the hangouts, do I search « Welsh-speaking practice » on Slack?


Great to meet you jane. I was really impressed with your speaking ability especially as it was your first time!

On slack i think @nia.llywelyn or @aran could add you to the correct channels? I’m not entirely sure how to do it! hopefully they see this message and can assist you. i think youll really enjoy the hangouts


Jane Welsh speaking practice is a different group. Try searching for SSIW 6/6


It depends on whether you’re doing one of the structured courses (6 Month or 6 Minute), in which case you’re automatically added. If you can’t find your way in, go to and enter your email address.

If you want to join the open Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group, send an email to and we’ll send you an invitation :slight_smile:

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Diolch yn fawr! Thanks very much - I’ll look into it when I’m back from my five days on the Llyn Peninsula