Logging in issue

Every day I’m unable to log in and have to reset my password to access the site, even though I have definitely put the right email and password in.

Is anyone else having this problem or know why it’s happening?!



Odd - thanks for the heads up - I’ll wave this at Ifan right now…:slight_smile:

I had to reset password again today! Is it something to do with the site being left idle for too long? I never log out, it just seems to log me out automatically if i don’t use the site for a while. The ‘Keep me logged in’ tick box does nothing either!

Hi Gavin - does it actually fail with a red box saying “Your password wasn’t recognised. / Please try again”? And it’s definitely the same password that you most recently reset it to? If so, I’ll probably have to work with you to fix it, adding extra logging onto that page and getting you to try it until I have enough data to work out what’s going on. Let me know if this is the case and I’ll get in touch via PM.

I prefer, Kinetic, Your name!!!

I’ll let you know next time it happens. Will my account lock automatically if i put the wrong password in a certain amount of times? I alternate between the same ones, and i do try them all, but would be good to know if it locks after a certain amount of attempts.

Logged in okay this morning but when i went to the lessons they were all greyed out. When i clicked on them it asked me to log in. I logged in but it took me directly to the forum. When i tried to go back to the lessons they were still greyed out - all three courses. Level 1 is the only thing i can access.

And now it’s all working again, as if by magic :slight_smile:

No, there’s no lockout, don’t worry…
Shame we didn’t get any more data on what went wrong, but delighted it started working anyway. :slight_smile: