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Hi, this probably the most basic question ever asked here but,

When i signed up on my laptop i used my Facebook account, no problem. However when i want to use SSIW on my iPhone i cant log in and there doesn’t seem an option to use Facebook. This means i cant access the challenges and the iPhone is my primary tool for working.

Any suggestions? Sam

I’m going to tag @rich for you here - he knows stuff like iPhones better than me.

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Hi @sambuck9

When you choose this option on the laptop you are effectively choosing to log in with the same details as you use on Facebook. So you can log into the App with those details.

If you need a memory jogger, onthe laptop, if you click on ‘your name’ in the top right corner, click on Account Settings and choose the Account tab - you should see the email address there which will be your username on the App.

If you can’t remember what your password would be - on this tab here you can set up a password for SSIW.

You would need to use this on your laptop next time but presumably you can save it after entering in your browser and effectively be in the same situation ongoing.

Rich :slight_smile: