Llongyfarchiadau Dr Steve Eaves Congratulations!

Today, Lleuwen (Steve Eaves’ daughter) posted this news about her father on Facebook…

"Heddiw yng Nghaerdydd, mae 'nhad yn derbyn doethuriaeth er anrhydedd gan y Brifysgol Agored am ei gyfraniad i ddiwylliant yng Nghymru…

Steve Eaves / Mae dear old Dad is being made Dr Steve today. It’s being given to him by the Open University for his contribution to culture in Wales… "

Many congratulations to him!

Aran and I have always been fans of Steve Eaves - he is a passion we both share. ‘our song’ as a couple is (as many other Welsh couples) ‘Pendramwnwgl’ and we both have fond memories of driving home from the hospital with a brand new Angharad Lliar and shedding many happy tears whilst listening to ‘Nos Da Mam’ - we’ve played it and sung it to our children at bedtime every night since… :slight_smile:

He is fantastic live if you ever get the chance and absolutely fabulous at singing the blues. :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing that Catrin. I’m a big fan of Steve Eaves and Lleuwen and was lucky to see them both at Pesda Roc a couple of years ago. Very pleased for him. Well deserved.

Croeso mawr yn d’ôl is one of my favourites. Congrats Dr Steve, & never book a flight under “Dr”!

Llongyfarchiadau ydy wir. Mae cerddoriathh Steve Eaves yn gwych.

i don’t know enough about the Open University to understand how it is placed to recognize contributions to Welsh culture and how frequently it does so. Any further thoughts?

The OU has recently discontinued history study units focused on Wales. Does anyone know whay or whether any other colleges offer distance learning opportunities in Welsh history?

Here’s an article about the event…