Llongyfarchiadau Anthony and Emma

Just wanted to wish a huge llongyfarchiadau and good luck to @AnthonyCusack and his bride to be this weekend as they tie the knot! Thank you for all you do for the Welsh language and helping the NHS to provide services to children in Welsh. You’re a star, an inspiration, and deserve all the happiness in the world - pob lwc, joiwch eich ddiwrnod, a cofia rhoi llun lan yma!



Congrats, even bigger, because I had a priviledge to meet @AnthonyCusack at the 2016 July bootcamp and his Emma briefly afterwards! You both really are the shining stars and if I ever come back to Cardiff I’d be happy to meet you both over a cup of coffee somewhere in this beautiful city (hopefully still finding you there). :slight_smile:

Pob lwc!

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Llongyfarchiadau, Anthony and Emma! I’ll think of you on your special day, withing you all the happiness you so richly deserve. Don’t forget to come back and climb Cadair Idris!


Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi gyd!! Safe to say the nerves are starting. I really can’t wait for tomorrow. :slight_smile::slight_smile::blush::blush:


I can already see that smile on your face! Have an amazing day making precious memories.

This is for you and Emma, it’s from the poem Priodas by Dic Jones and I think it says it all…

Dwy galon, un dyhead,
Dwy dafod ond un iaith,
Dwy raff yn cydio’n ddolen,
Dau enaid ond un daith.

(Two hearts, one wish,
two tongues but one language,
two ropes that join connected,
two souls but one journey)


Llongyfarchiadau to you both! I wish you much joy on your special day and in your life together.


Pob hwyl a phob lwc am yfory, ond, yn fwy pwysig, am y flynyddoedd nesa. Un dwirnod, un oes.
Good luck for tomorrow, but more importantly, for the years to come. One day, one lifetime.


Llongyfarchiadau mawrion mawr, Anthony & Emma a phob dymuniadau gorau am y dyfodol.
Here’s an extract from Y Serch Lladrad by Dafydd ap Gwilym which I read at my brother’s wedding.
I chose it because of the repetition of the prefix cyd / together which I think is key to a good marriage.
Dafydd ap G is (allegedly) buried by Abaty Ystrad Fflur which is just 5 minutes from us.

This can be found on dafyddapgwilym.net:-

Credais, addolais i ddail
Tref f’eurddyn tra fu irddail.
Digrif ynn, fun, un ennyd
Dwyn dan un bedwlwyn ein byd.
Cydlwynach, difyrrach fu,
Coed olochwyd, cydlechu,
Cydfwhwman marian môr,
Cydaros mewn coed oror,
Cydblannu bedw, gwaith dedwydd,
Cydblethu gweddeiddblu gwŷdd,
Cydadrodd serch â’r ferch fain,
Cydedrych caeau didrain.
Crefft ddigrif rydd fydd i ferch
Cydgerdded coed â gordderch.
Cadw wyneb, cydowenu,
Cydchwerthin finfin a fu,
Cyd-ddigwyddaw gerllaw’r llwyn,
Cydochel pobl, cydachwyn,
Cydfod mwyn, cydyfed medd,
Cydarwain serch, cydorwedd,
Cyd-ddaly cariad celadwy Cywir, ni manegir mwy!

I like this translation which is given on the same website:-

I believed, I worshipped
my darling’s leafy home while the leaves were green.
How sweet it was, my girl, to bring for an instant
our whole world beneath a single birch–grove.
Embracing together, even more pleasant
(woodland retreat), hiding together,
wandering together on the ocean’s shore,
lingering together at the forest’s edge,
planting birches together, a joyous task,
weaving together the trees’ fair plumage,
talking of love together, the slender maid and I,
surveying together solitary fields.
It’s a free and pleasant calling for a girl
to walk the woods together with her lover.
Keeping face together, smiling together,
laughing together lip to lip,
falling down together beside the grove,
shunning people together, complaining together,
living together genially, drinking mead together,
sharing our affection together, lying together,
maintaining together in secret
our true love, there is no more to tell!


Llongyfarchiadau to you both on this special day, and best wishes for your future together.


Gobeithio bo chi ddau wedi cael diwrnod arbennig iawn - dymuniadau gorau oll am eich bywyd priodasol… :fireworks:


Yesterday was, by far, everything we could have hoped it to be and more!! My head is still spinning and we’re both feeling quite overwhelmed with all the love and support we’ve experienced.
Thank you so much for all of your messages.
Thank you for helping me have a fully bilingual wedding.
Say something in has really helped add colour to my life. Cariad enfawr a diolch o waelod galon i chi gyd!!!


Huge Llongyfarchidau to the two of you! You both look absolutely radiant, and I wish you many happy years together! :heart:


What a beautiful, happy couple. Thank you for sharing. :smile:


Thanks for sharing the photo! You are both just radiating joy and are so beautiful. I’m so glad your day was everything you wanted it to be. Congrats again!


You both look so happy. Congrats and wishes for a long and happy marriage.

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Congratulations to you both, all the best x

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Congratulations to you both. You are so beautiful and joyful. Best wishes for your future. :smiley:

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