Llandysul Monthly Conversation Group

There is a group in Llandysul called CYD which aims to give Welsh speakers and learners of all levels a chance to come together and socialise using Welsh. It’s not officially a SSiW event, but now that they’ve changed the night to one that I can get to, I should be going along fairly regularly.

It’s held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, so the next one is Wednesday 17th April, at 7:45 pm in The Porth Hotel. Come into the main bar and we usually sit at a big table in the back left corner.

To help stimulate conversation and give beginners a chance to prepare, a “topic” of sorts is announced beforehand. Next week’s will be to bring along an item of interest and talk a little about it - a “Show and Tell” evening, if you will.

Hope to see you there!

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This month’s CYD meetup will be on July 17th, starting at 7pm, but it won’t be at the usual location. Beth, a local first-language Welsh speaker and Welsh tutor, has invited learners to join her for a treasure hunt and light refreshments at her house, Tŷ Newydd, in Gorrig.

If you’d like to come and haven’t been before, let me know and I’ll let the CYD coordinator know. Newcomers will be very welcome.

This Llandysul meetup will be continuing over the summer months. We had a great treasure hunt last month organised by Beth, followed by supper at her house.

The theme for the August 21 meetup will be ‘Best holiday - Worst holiday’ and we’ll meet as usual at 7:45 pm in The Porth.

It would be great to see some new faces if you live in the Llandysul area :slight_smile:

We’ve had some lively and hilarious discussions in The Porth, Llandysul over recent months talking about best and worst holidays people have had and favourite TV shows from our childhood. It was a lot of fun reminiscing.

The next Meetup will be on Nov 20, from 7.45 pm, and we’ll be playing “20 Questions” so think up some things that are Anifeiliaid, Llysiau neu Fwynau with Haniaethol (abstract) also accepted and come along to join us.

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Nos Fercher, 18 Rhagfyr 2019

Cyd Llandysul, Cinio Nadolig

Nodyn gan Lesley, cydllandysul@gmail.com:

Bydd cyfarfod nesaf Cyd Llandysul nos Fercher, Rhagfyr 18 am 7yh yng Ngwesty’r Porth

Cael cinio (oddi wrth fwydlen y bar, ac mae Rhodri wedi cadarnhau bydd pwdin Nadolig ar gael).

Dewch gyda anrheg i’r “Secret Santa” (dim mwy na £5, neu rwybeth rydych wedi wneud).

Canu carolau.

Mae croeso mawr i bawb!

A note from Lesley, cydllandysul@gmail.com:

The next meeting of Cyd Llandysul will be on Wednesday, December 18 at 7pm at the Porth Hotel

Having dinner (from the bar menu, and Rhodri has confirmed that Christmas pudding will be available).

Bring a gift for the “Secret Santa” (no more than £ 5, or something you’ve made).

Singing carols.

All welcome!

Hi Deborah,

I’m not too far away near Newcastle Emlyn, and I’m looking for somewhere to practice speaking Welsh regularly - online for now obviously but hopefully in person before too far into the future. I’m still a beginner really and have just done Challenge 23 of Level 1. Is there anything going on online while COVID is restricting meetups? Or anyone you know of who might be ok with chatting online one to one?

Many thanks and Happy /new Year!


Hi Semele,

Congratulations on reaching Challenge 23! You’re going well!

I don’t actually live in Llandysul any more, but the CYD group advertised above will get going again as soon as they can. In the meantime if you send an email through to Lesley at cydllandysul@gmail.com and ask if there’s anything happening online, or if she can put you in touch with someone to chat with, I’m sure she’ll be really pleased to hear from you.

Pob hwyl and Blwyddyn Newydd Dda to you too :slight_smile:

I’ve only just seen your reply Deborah - thank you so much. I’m hoping there will be live events happening soon so I’ve sent an email. Nearly at the very end of level 2 now and I’m enjoying it so much I intend to keep going! :slight_smile: x


Great to see CYD starting up again in Llandysul! If you’ve started learning Welsh during the pandemic, you’ll enjoy getting along to the Porth and meeting up with other learners and some of the local Welsh speakers.

A message from Lesley, organizer of the Llandysul Welsh chat group

Dear All,
It’s been a long time since we met in Y Porth but the time has come to dress up, brush your hair, and meet again.

So, join us for a pint and a chat, Thursday March 17th at 7.30pm at Y Porth, Llandysul.

There are probably lots of things to discuss, but I thought it would be easier if we had a theme again to give everyone a chance to prepare and talk.

This Month’s Theme “What do you like about Spring?”

A message from Lesley, organiser of the conversation group in Llandysul:

Dear All,

We will meet again on Thursday, 19th May at 7.30 pm at Y Porth, Llandysul.

This Month’s Theme “Animals”

Have you got a story about animals? Or tell us about your pet or if you keep animals.

There is a warm welcome for everyone to come - new learners especially welcome. Please share.

cofion cynnes



Bore da. Lesley, ydy e’n posib dweud wrtha i manlyion ar y cyfarfod nesa yn Llandysul, os gwelwch yn dda? Diolch! Philip

Helo @philip-wilson

Lesley isn’t on the forum, but if you email her at cydllandysul@gmail.com you’ll be able to find out the latest information and ask her to put you on the email list.

Hwyl, Deborah :slight_smile:

Diolch yn fawr, Deborah.

Here’s the news of the Llandysul meetups for the next 3 months:

I hope that everyone who came on the walk on Thursday evening enjoyed the walk. It was a lovely evening.

Our next CYD meeting is on :

Thursday 21st July, 7.30pm in Y Porth, Llandysul and as the National Eisteddfod is in Tregaron this year we’ll talk about what’s going on in Maes D (the Welsh Learners tent) and other areas of the maes. I will bring copies of the programme to look at, but you can also look online now: https://eisteddfod.cymru/2022-rhaglen

Thursday 18th August -meeting to be confirmed.

Thursday 15th September, 7pm: Social evening and treasure hunt.
Invitation from Beth Davies to visit her at home, “Ty Newydd, Gorrig. SA44 4JP”.

Here’s the latest from Lesley in Llandysul:

Cyfarfod Nesaf

Ymunwch â ni am peint a sgwrs Nos Iau 19eg o Ionawr am 7.30yh yn Y Porth, Llandysul, SA44 4QS

Dim thema mis yma - felly mae angen i chi meddwl am rywbeth i siarad amdano!

Diolch i Anita, Kath (a hubby Stephen), a Peter am gynrychioli CYD a Llyfrgell Llandysul yng nghwis Merched y Wawr nos Wener diwethaf. Credwch neu beidio, daethom yn ail!

Dear All

Join us for a pint and a chat on Thursday 19th January, from 7.30pm at Y Porth, Llandysul, SA44 4QS.

No theme this month - so you need to think of something to talk about!

Thanks to Anita, Kath (and hubby Stephen), and Peter for representing CYD and Llandysul Library at the Merched y Wawr quiz last Friday evening. Believe it or not, we came second!

cofion cynnes


From Lesley, CYD Llandysul:

Cwrdd nesaf am beint a chlonc yn Gymraeg yn Y Porth, Llandysul, SA44 4QS ar Nos Iau, Ebrill 20fed am 7.30yh.

Next meeting for a drink and a chat yn Gymraeg in Y Porth, Llandysul, SA44 4QS on Thursday 20th April, from 7.30pm.

For more information, contact Lesley Parker
Tel: 07989 127396