Liz Corbett: 15 of us in Melbourne are helping to reach a million speakers

Many of us know @elizabeth_jane from Melbourne here, and her energy and commitment to supporting the language down under. She has written about what she and the class does here:

I’m sure a lot of what she mentions is reflected in what SSIW-ers do around the world. It’s fantastic to know there are communities like these flourishing. Thanks Liz!

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Thanks for sharing Neil. I’d like be to add that were kind enough to to publish a guest post about my novel. So when, after The Tides Between had been published and the publicity dust was dying down my friend Aled dropped this bombshell: > So you’ve written a novel in English, when are you going to write one in Welsh? Like, really? It’s hard enough writing in my first language, let alone in my limited and poorly mutated second language! However, I took Aled’s point. One of the responsibilities of being a Welsh-speaking writer, is to publish in Welsh.

I am not ready for the novel, yet (though I do have the kernel a learner’s novel forming; I just have to work out how to do it without my Bootcamp friends suing me). Meanwhile, I needed to face up to my responsibilities. Fortunately, were happy to publish this short article about our Melbourne Welsh classes.

If you haven’t yet checked out, it is a fabulous bilingual magazine and having worked with Neil twice, I can vouch for its professional standards. I have learned a lot from the process of publishing in Welsh, particularly amazing was Neil’s pointer towards cysill ar lein which has helped enormously with my Welsh language correspondence. So, if you’ve got ideas for articles bubbling around in your head it is a great platform. If not, the magazine is a great read and if you sign up you get this fabulous update on what’s been written in Welsh around the traps delivered straight to your inbox.


Diolch Liz. I’m happy to provide a place for others to share what they are doing in the language. Your article has been viewed over 1,000 times already- that’s pretty popular!

So it seems publishing in Welsh is the way to go. I don’t normally get that kind of response! :flushed:

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