Living Your Life yn Gymraeg

Noswaith dda pawb,

Does anyone have any tips to help people live their lives in Welsh?

I watch lots of Welsh TV and listen to Radio Cymru.

I always read the Welsh bits of road signs and other signs and have recently started to do shopping list in Welsh;

Rhestr Siopa Yfory


The shopping list helps me build basic vocab.

Any tips/hints much welcomed,



I live in Yorkshire and therefore the opportunity to practice speaking is a bit restricted - I listen to Radio Cymru bob dydd.

Something I have done recently - which has the slight danger of sounding a bit silly - but has worked really well - is to force myself to think in Welsh.

It takes a little practice - because initially it is easy to get distracted - but essentially anything you ‘think’ you challenge yourself to say to yourself in Welsh.

To begin with you will find yourself catching yourself thinking in English and then ‘translating’ what you thought into Welsh…but after a short period you will find that you are just working in Welsh. It’s surprising.

This has a huge advantage in that you can do this at any time.

I have been helping a charity recently - for example - helping them walk rescue dogs. So for two hours a day I have been practicing and I feel that I have really developed my ability to think in Welsh.

I accept that it sounds a bit ‘left field’ but I honestly think it’s a great technique and one with no restrictions - anytime, anywhere!

Give it a shot!

Rich :slight_smile:


I think I do this already.

E.g. I always think to myself; well i fi fynd (I’d better go) and other things it helps!

Diolch Rich👍🏼

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Siopa mewn Sainsbury’s nawr…

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Siopa mewn Sainsbury’s nawr…

Paid anghofio / don’t forget the cinwa & hwmws. :smile:


Bydda i’n pleidleisio tory nesaf

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Hi I got to the stage where I wanted more input of “real” Welsh and here’s what I’ve been doing.
I record Aled Hughes every morning so I can listen to it repeatedly throughout the day.
I watch Un Bore Mercher on S4clic, watching it with English then Welsh subtitles. I also put on the audio description which must be for visually impaired viewers. It is so clear and describes mundane actions which are really useful (e.g. she’s sitting on the landing with her arm round her daughter).
Finally I just bought an Ian Rankin novel (I’d already read so not desperate to get to the end) plus the Welsh translation (£3 for the two from a second hand shop). It’s slow progress but I like reading them in tandem and writing in the vocab in pencil. It’s fascinating to see how ideas are communicated through the prism of the Welsh language.
Just a few tips, I don’t know if they’ve already been suggested. But hey, isn’t learning Welsh a gas? Dw i’n wrth fy modd siarad Cymraeg.

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I love Un Bore Mercher i was watching the first two episodes in Welsh before I started learning Welsh again but was too distracted by the subtitles and trying to figure out what words I knew. They changed the actress in the lawyer office too! Tempted to watch it again but I’ve been listening to the songs and have just got them out of my head. Maybe by series 3 I’ll understand more Welsh to watch it properly