Liverpool SSiW at Bethel

Now that we’ve established two different groups to meet every Monday evening at Canolfan Cymry Lerpwl, Capel Bethel, Auckland Road, L18 0HX, I think we need a forum topic for each group to use to stay in touch between meetings. It should be easier and quicker than the email that we’ve used so far.

To start this topic for those in our group who are following SSiW North, I can report that there have been some more enquiries from would-be members since we last met, two days ago. There could be as many as four more people wanting to join our group of SSiW users. Perhaps we’ll see some of them next week.

If there’s anyone else out there who’s interested in joining us, please get in touch by posting here or via our page on the Liverpool Welsh web site!


Worth another bit in the email, @Deborah-SSi? :star: :star2:

Thanks again for your support. Our group is developing quite rapidly as a result of the help that we’ve had here, from Liverpool Welsh, from the BBC, and from the local grapevine. We plan to start another topic on the forum soon as well, by the way,for our conversation group. There are too many of us and our range of Welsh is too wide for just one room. Our SSiW and conversation groups now meet in separate rooms, then socialise together with tea and biscuits afterwards. Any other learners who want to join us are welcome!


You’re doing fantastic work over there - we’re happy to support in any way we can… :sunny:

Yn bendant! Dw i wedi gwneud nodyn yn barod :slight_smile:

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Diolch yn fawr i chi i gyd!


The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned Mike :grin:


Evening everybody or perhaps I should say noswaith dda i bawb. Very early days yet for this group but so promising and I hope that we can all stick at it. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither can you learn a language in a day. So, for we in the Welsh conversation side of it - can we think of a topic or two for next week in advance of meeting so that we have time for a little bit of prep, perhaps come up with some set phrases to start the ball rolling and to make sure we have some vocab in place. Gareth was spot on tonight when he suggested holidays - I should have done better so obviously I need a little time in advance. Anybody any thoughts then on nice simple subjects that we can chat about? Diolch yn fawr!

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How about something like “Beth ddych chi wedi gwneud, neu beth sydd wedi digwydd, yn ystod yr wythnos ers ein cyfarfod diwethaf?” (“What have you done, or what’s happened, during the week since our last meeting?”)

That would give conversation group members complete freedom to prepare to talk about whatever they have found interesting during the week. What do people think about that for next week’s topic?

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Hi Mike,

Yes there is a good communal spirit as well as the desire to learn. I have since found Saysomethingin so helpful and wish I had known about it years ago.

I would like to advise members that Bethel chapel has organised a Gwyl Dewi dinner at Woolton Golf Club on Saturday 27 February at 7.30. I enjoyed it greatly, at a table of friends, last year. Cost is £25 for a splendid meal. Ted

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Ben Rees was saying on Monday that it would be great if there were to be a table of learners at the dinner, and I’m inclined to agree. If a few of us were to buy tickets and attend it would be a good way of showing the Liverpool Welsh community how grateful we are for the help and encouragement they’ve given us to set up our learners’ group at their premises.

I’ll go if others do too. Would anyone else like to come along to Cinio Gŵyl Dewi?

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Unfortunately I can’t make that date as I am away - in Wales actually! But best of luckand I hope you can get a table of learners together - Steve

Mike and friends

Great idea! I think the conversation group was a little lost in the chapel to be honest - and it will be of benefit to us (conversation group) to meet in a smaller room I think. Hopefully, as time goes on, the two groups may well become interchangeable.

Early days yet - keep at it everybody, we are all at various stages of learning the language. Some of us are struggling - I am ashamed about how much I have forgotten - but it will come back for all of us

So do not give up!

See you all next Monday.

Hwyl Fawr


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hi Bethel friends. still ploughing on with lesson 2 though it helps to split it into 2 parts

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Hi @Liz,
You might be interested to hear that Peter has made some prompts for use with lessons 1 and 2, which I think will have been inspired by the transcript that you asked me to email to everyone. I haven’t seen them yet (because of a technical problem) but no doubt Peter will have copies with him at Bethel tomorrow.

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Lynn E

I would like to say how much I’m enjoying the meetings at Bethel in Liverpool. We are getting our act together working through the lessons. We decided this was the best way to proceed. I think it makes sense even if people join later we can go over the lessons which will benefit everyone. I personally find it extremely helpful as I was learning with SSIW on my own last year and gave up. I just felt isolated on my own but now the Bethel group are a real support network. Thanks


@LynnEleen, it’s great to see our new group starting to work as a proper support network. Thanks for your vote of confidence!

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Please be aware that there won’t be a meeting at Bethel on Easter Monday, 28th March. We will meet as usual on 14th and 21st March, then resume after the Easter break on Monday 4th April.

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Update: I’ve just had an email from Ben Rees to say that Bethel will be open on every Monday evening in April, then closed on 2nd May because of the Bank Holiday. Opening dates for the rest of May and June should be known shortly.

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Thanks for the info. Mike.

Just trying the system out. Have had a couple of extraordinarily long email messages from one Aran who, I initially thought, must be a very unusual spammer …


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