Lively - movido

Lively - movido I used the expression “Los niños parecen muy movidos” with a group of Spanish people in a restaurant and with my Spanish hair dresser. They suggested “Los niños parecen muy animados”. OR “Los niños parecen muy activos.” My hairdresser said she would use “movido” about a piece of furniture you could move about.
The good news is that although they did not understand that word, I did get a lot of opportunity to practice speaking more Spanish.


Great that you got a range of useful options - shows how valuable getting out and using what you’ve got is - with a language as widely spread as Spanish, I suspect it’s inevitable that local usage will often vary widely, but as long as you’re comfortable with jumping into conversations, that becomes all part of the pleasure… :slight_smile:

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Gracias. I could not manage a glass at 8.30 this morning with Challenge 9! But I will certainly have one this evening! A nice Spanish Rioja!

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In many places “movido” has fallen out of favour maybe because it is too similar to the more common “conmovido”, which means “moved” (as in emotionally touched). Both animados and activos would be in more common usage at least in Mexico and Central America. Cool thing is that you were able to talk and learn the locally used words on the spot. Same thing happens in every language when you try it out in the wild. Well done!

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Superb work - it’s worth hanging on and making sure you get your well-deserved treats, even if we can’t tempt you into morning alcoholism… :wink: