Just tried the first “Challenge”. It is good but I am finding that the real challenge in learning Welsh is making sense of someone else speaking ie listening.
I accept being short of words doesn’t help but I have now reached the end of course two and feel reasonable when translating but the listening exercises are getting nowhere.
Is there something that can help with this?

Can you break the listening exercises down to single sentences that I could manage and pause the dialogue until I have grasped that one and then move on to the next sentence?

S’mae Robert,

There are no two ways about it, the Listening practices are hard. You have to work at them, keep listening to them. One useful trick seems counter-intuitive, but it is to do something else whilst you’re listening to them - walking, housework, whatever. Let the sounds and rhythms wash over you, and keep listening day after day. Eventually, you will reap the benefits!

Another counter-intuitve suggestion - instead of pausing the recording, actually speed it up. To begin with it will be gobbledegook, but after a while, recordings played at normal speed will appear slower.

Don’t lose heart!