Listening Practices Level 2 - what to aim for?

Haha, thanks for the reply. Perhaps we on SSiW could go for the full muti-sensory experience, with some crazy food smells being wafted over us at the same time, (hard boiled egg ugh then yummy melted cheese aroma, then chocolate, and listening to the recording, and watching the penguin AND some hot/cols blowers on us, AND being tickled by pet mice running loose in our clothes as well!!! Who knows?@ maybe that would be even more effective. No seriously, I was OK with the other speeded-up practices and could make out most of it especially after a few listens, but this week is so much faster it just blows my mind.


Although all the Level 2 ones are at the same speed, when they’ve got more fairly new material in them, they sound faster - but all you have to do is remember that this isn’t about understanding them, it’s about training your brain to process faster - so as long as you keep doing them regularly, as calmly as possible, without worrying AT ALL about understanding them, you’ll be fine… :slight_smile:

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You are right, Aran. This crazy pace does seem to work its magic somehow! I’ve just listened again and can make out lots of words and phrases so I am feeling much better about it. I do keep hearing something that sounds like ‘wedi maru’, :wink: which can’t be right, but I am ready to persevere now!

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I am still concerned about the man who has to ask his mother if it is OK for him to have children.

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Edited for completeness:

Sorry I’m talking about Level 1 - they seem seriously damaged. Except for the first one they are FAR too fast & appear to be the same words as in #1 just going to assume it’s a bug bc otherwise I see zero benefit. iPhone app.

In fact on the app I can speed up to I think at least 2x the recording, which is already faster than the lesson speed.

Well…many people, including myself are kinda shocked at first, and get the impression there’s something wrong with the recordings.
That’s in fact one of the reasons why I had created this topic about one month after I had started SSiW!

And as far as I can tell, the only way to see if you get any benefits from this strange thing is trying to do it for some time.
After all it’s only a handful of minutes, and can do no harm!

No, it did me a lot of irreversible harm. It made me start to enjoy learning Welsh :slight_smile:.

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Reeeally? Listening practices did that? :astonished:

It’s amazing how things may have different effects on each person.
I can suffer in silence through them, but definitely not enjoy them! :rofl: