Listening practices Level 1 - correct order?

I remember reading somewhere that listening practices started at Challenge 5.

In fact on the iOS app, if I swipe up from each Challenge, I get:

Challenges 1-4 = no listening practice
Challenge 5-9 = Listening practice 1
Challenge 10-14 = Listening practice 2
Challenge 15-19 = Listening practice 3
Challenge 20-24 = Listening practice 4
Challenge 25 = Listening practice 5

On the index page with the list of Lessons and listening exercises (second icon “Levels”, bottom left) I get:
1 - 5 = Listening practice 1
6 -10 = Listening practice 2
11 -15 = Listening practice 3
16 - 20 = Listening practice 4
21- 25 = Listening practice 5

Maybe it’s no big deal, but since which is the correct matching?

I have the android app, so I can’t comment on the the listing, but the first one makes sense to me.

The first listening practice uses the words you have already learnt in challenges 1-5. You carry on listening to that until you have finished challenge 10. Then the second listening practice includes words from challenges 1-10, and so on.

Hope that helps.


Thanks. I had’t paid attention to the vocabulary (I’m trying to go quite fast and I can’t remember in which group of challenges I found each word).

I guess it mostly seemed a bit weird that there’s a listening practice just for challenge 25!

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I think they both make sense -
the first one is which one you should listen to depending on the lesson you currently doing (e.g.: if you are currently doing lesson 13, you should listen to listening practice 2).
the second one is, which lessons are covered in each, so in listening practice 2, there is (I guess?) everything from challenges 6 to 10 (and clearly some stuff from earlier challenges).
Hope that makes sense


Ah, it’s the first one - thanks for flagging that up! @kinetic, @lewie, where do we need to change this? :slight_smile:


Indeed, how @Lea explains it is exactly what’s intended.

But perhaps that’s too confusing. I just updated Level 1 to label the listening exercises following the first scheme. Is this better / more clear?


Yes @lewie, no doubts for me now about what to listen on each day/challenge!

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Hi all. I also am confused about which listening exercises to do. Embarrassingly, I’m only starting to rmember to do them now I’m midway through Level 3. I have android and it’s quite confusing to find them, and also the correct ones… in the drop down menu if I go to ‘daily practicies’ there are some Speaking and some listening. they’re listed as C116 listening south 1 2 3 4, then C1 south 1,2,3, then C2 1-5. Is there another place to find them ? Are these from the old course? What is the difference between C116 and C1/2?