Listening exercises - problems

For several months now I’ve been doing the listening exercises in SSIW Level 1. I find that while it certainly helps my listening skills, I have great difficulty in following the meaning of the dialogue for more than a short time.

There’s no doubt that the exercises have helped me, but am I the only one who never quite succeeds in understanding the whole lot?


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No. I would think you are totally typical! Especially if you tend to listen, as I do, when tired in the evening!

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Have you looked at the transcripts and the translations? :slight_smile:

This thick old ddraig didn’t know the transcriptions existed! Where are they? Oh, and are there word lists for challenge 2.08’and onward?

On the download page for the relevant listening exercise… :slight_smile:

For content lists, look for the ‘Vocab list’ link on the download page.

I have been able to view vocabulary for all so far, 1.01 to 2.07. None appeared for 2.08, as to listening , I seem to have a glitch finding any for Series 2 and I never noticed any mention of transcriptions! I am on my iPad.

I didn’t know about transcriptions and translations of listening exercises, either! Thanks for telling us about them!

Unfortunately, I can’t see anything on e.g. that looks like a transcription or a translation of the listening exercise… just a list of vocabulary for that challenge (which I’ve also found how to access on my iPad which is where I do essentially all of my SSiWing).

Are the transcriptions perhaps only for the old Courses? Or only for South challenges?

Or am I looking in the wrong place?

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They were on old page @aran, but I think they are not available on this new layout. I’ll check this one more time, but I’m firmly sure thy’re not there though.

No, there are no transcripts just examples which belong to regular lessons. I’ve checked Level 1 5 and 15 north and 10 south but no where to find transcripts. Thwy still have to be pulled out of old layout and put into new one.



Sure I’ve used the transcripts and translations. I just can’t quite master the listening without them.

I’ll look at if I by some chance screenshooted them (as they weren’t for download) and will send you the link via PM if I find them.

Looking around my hard disk I did find some PDFs with transcriptions for Level 1 North listening exercises 10 15 20 25 (I think - am on a different computer now and can’t check) - so perhaps I downloaded them from the old layout but forgot about them.

They don’t have a translation but do have a transcription in two columns, corresponding to the two speakers.

They’re opening fine for me, in northern and in southern - maybe worth giving it another go? When you say ‘none appeared’, do you mean that the pop-up window opened and was empty? Or something else?

We haven’t published the Listening Exercises for Level 2 yet - they should be along within the next month or so… :slight_smile:

Ah - good catch! Looks as though they’re not showing in the new design - I’ll put that into our workflow, should have it sorted for you within a week or so…:slight_smile:

Ah, that’s just going to be a matter of time, then (although it may help with the L2 listening exercises are published, which will push you a bit harder, and may have the knock-on effect of making L1 listening feel easier). Bear in mind that the real aim here is not so much to ‘master’ the listening exercises as to be pushed hard enough by them to find real conversation more navigable - you’re never going to spend 5 minutes listening to a monologue at that speed in real life…:wink:


On my iPad, for 1.02 to 2.07 inclusive, a little icon like writing came up when I chose to acquire the Challenge from the set on the ‘Battenburg cake’ icon on the bottom line. Clicking on,the little icon from the main screen gave me the vocabulary list. No such icon with 2.08 or 2.09!
Also on previous challenges, the screen would show a little message, like “you are doing well” or something. None on 2.08 or 09. Felt a bit abandoned! Silly, but there you are!

Is this the app, or just navigating to the website? We’re probably going to need input from @kinetic when he finishes travelling back to the UK…

Aha - this sounds like the (internally) famous ‘missing blurbs’ - can you still see them for 2.07 and 2.06? Are you doing northern or southern? Diolch!

With the blessing of @aran I’ll put the links to all listening exercises L1 links to thranscripts here when I come home. I also gathered everything what says directly on the old layout lessons page where translations are written too so I can put this somewhere for you to download also. I hope you’ll be able to wait approximately 3 or 4 hours for me to come home and sit behind the computer in order to post them.

Have a great time until then. :slight_smile:


Great; thanks!

Also good to hear that listening exercises for Level 2 are on their way as well! (I think I shall regret saying this :smiley:)


I believe it’s the ap. I have just realised no encouraging blurbs in Level 2 at all, but while I had the little icon promising vocabulary, I didn’t miss the blurbs!
In the ap , in Level 1, got listening exercises by seeing little ‘ear’ icon and finding how to pull it up, also to down load from same place as Challenges on ‘Battenburg Cake’ icon!! I will try looking for SSiW on Safari and see if I get vocabulary! @aran I did! So it’s only the ap on iPad that is bugged! However, I find it very easy to use, so would greatly appreciate if it can be sorted! Dear @Kinetic, I know you’ll be very busy, but…pretty please, when you have time!

This is the time to tag @lewie rather than Ifan… :slight_smile:

Jeff, henddraig is saying that she can’t see the vocab links in the app on an iPad - I presume they work the same way in Level 2 as they do in Level 1? :slight_smile:

The vocab hasn’t yet been loaded for Level 2 North in the app. However, by some odd coincidence, I was going to look into doing that today…


I think I love you, @lewie!!

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