Listening Exercise Issue

I am struggling with the listening exercises, could do with some advice but not sure I’m going to be able to articulate what I mean very well - but will give it a try (maybe I need an English course!!)

So - I’ve been playing the level 1 listening exercises and I can understand everything said, I recognise the phrases I’ve learnt and the words re-assembled to make different phrases - and can translate them all… but ONLY if I press pause and think about what’s been said and translate it word by word. I don’t understand what’s being said AS it’s being said if that makes sense. I know the phrase, and know if I press pause I can translate it, but that’s not the same as understanding what I hear as I hear it.

Oh heck I just read that back and it sounds very mixed up, even to me and I know what I’m talking about.

So basically I want to be able to listen and understand at the same time, in the same way as if someone was speaking English, but the Spanish isn’t coming naturally to me and my brain has to process it, if I don’t press pause I’m still translating one sentence and miss the next one. I have even found this with the first exercise where the speech is really slow.

Don’t worry about that - it will come in its own time - the desire to get there ahead of schedule is what’s tricking you into pausing them. Don’t use the pause at all with the listening exercises - just listen to one per day - read the English, read the Spanish, listen to the file. Should be less than 10 minutes in total - and a few weeks of that will make a serious difference to how quickly your brain processes the spoken language… :slight_smile:

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I downloaded Level 1, Challenge 2 and it came out as one of the listening exercises. Is that normal. I checked on the main website and it has the correct lesson. No probs as I was cheating by playing catch-up and the listening exercise was more profitable anyway. That’ll teach me.

Is this from the app? iOS or Android? Certainly not correct behaviour! :slight_smile:

Hi Aran.
Sorry my mistake. I downloaded L02, not 02. So that explains why I ended up with the Listening audio. Many thanks for your quick reply, though.

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Hi I’m a newbie so not sure where to find the listening exercises . do I need to download an app ?

Welcome Steve :slight_smile:

The listening in exercises are available after lessons 5,10 and 15. So they’re on the same page as those lessons :slight_smile: (don’t know about the app, I’ve not used it)

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