Listening Excercises (Level 1)

Okay, so I’ve been doing level 1 (southern course) and my vocabulary and speaking ability is growing by the day. But how do I go about the listening activities? My listening ability is terrible. I can recognise the things that are being said, but my mind keeps wanting to translate everything to understand it and it frazzles my brain aha.
Thanks in advance!

Mi ddaw o … it’ll come.

The listening part is all about patience. Do the exercises, listen to the radio and to music, get yourself into conversations.

Lance Armstrong once told me* that the best way to get better at climbing hills was to climb hills … to get better at listening to Welsh you need to listen to Welsh. :wink:

*He told me in his book. Drug cheat he was but he was still first to the finish ahead of the other drug cheats.


So just listen to as much as possible I’m guessing then


Exactly, it will improve, promise.

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If you do five minutes a day, you’re gold. If you can manage more than that, you’ll trigger faster changes, which is great - but doing one every day is the gold standard… :slight_smile: