Listening excercisea

Only just. Got to challenge 9 and forgot about the listening excercise just on true first one now, what’s the idea off the listening excercise am I meant to understand it been listening to it for a week now think I’ve improved on understanding the syllables but I cannot make out what he saying as it’s fast am I meant to understand it all before I move on to the next one, what’s the best way to go on with true listening excercise

As I understand it, the idea is just to listen and pick up what you can, not to obsess about understanding it, and you certainly don’t put off moving on until you have understood them.

The point of the exercises is to get you used to listening to Welsh at high speed, on the same principle that sports people use – if you train at very high intensity, then you’ll be better able to cope with demands of the game itself.

So, the listening exercises, which are based on vocabulary and structures you already know but at high speed, make it easier to pick out those phrases at ‘normal’ speed in real life – say on the radio.

If you do the exercise relevant to your place in the course every day, then just move on to the next exercise when you move on to the next block of five challenges. As you get to the end of the course, try going back to the earlier exercises – you may be surprised at just how slow the first one sounds by then…



I did the same!
I listened for ages at x0.9 speed until I understood most and then full speed. :crossed_fingers:

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