Listening Comprehension

Hi, recently just finished 7 day trial of AutoMagic Spanish. Have used similar methods in the past, but this seems to have me speaking more and learning more spanish words than ever, so really enjoying it.

Outside of repeating what Aaron says, how do I work on listening Comprehension outside of SSIS? Is it advised to just focus on the lessons first or does anybody recommend any sources to use around SSIS? I’m able to repeat and remember most things from AutoMagic, however, when I listen to radio/podcast/youtube, I have no comprehension what they are saying?

Let me know your thoughts on how you improved your listening skills outside of your speaking skills


The more you can do in your target language the better, so i would say listening to the radio or to podcasts in Spanish, and even watching Spanish stuff on the TV can only do good things. It’s natural to not understand at first but it will get easier.

Good to know, ive found a good podcast which is slower and I can understand small bits called ‘Cuétame!’. I’ll focus my efforts outside of SSIS on this and get through it all.


You could try watching some of the more basic videos from the YouTube Español con Juan series. They are great for learning from immersion as he is a good actor and repeats phrases in context so that you start to understand them.

This is an example where he’s talking about introducing yourself:

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I have started SSIS about 5 weeks ago. Really enjoying it. I was also looking for activities outside of SSIS. Thanks but Cuéntame seems above my le. But i came across Lightspeed Spanish. Which seems fine. Although i do have a question.
I learned " estudio desde hace un mes" then later i heard ‘estudio por un mes’ are they interchangeable?

As far as I know (which isn’t much) …

“… desde hace un mes.” = “… since a month ago.”
“… por un mes.” = “… for a month.”

Much appreciated
Gracias :grinning:

por un mes can be just “for a month” at any time, e.g. voy a Tenerife por un mes - I’m going to Tenerife for a month, but desde hace un mes is definitely starting a month ago and up to now.