Listening challenges missed

I have just finished level 1 of the normal lessons, but it was only on about challenge 23 or so that I accidentally discovered the listening challenges that are meant to go alongside! Is it best to spend a week or so just listening to those challenges before moving on to level 2? Should I just move on but just listen to them retrospectively, or just ignore them and move straight on to the level 2 listening alongside the normal lessons? Or does it really not matter what I do?

It’s pretty flexible, you could do them whenever really, but the important thing is to do them because listening is such a tricky skill to master. (Don’t worry about the speed of them, that’s intentional! Go through them, give it some time and then go through them again, and if you do that every so often, you’ll eventually pick up more.)

Ok great thanks, so there’s no issue continuing on to level 2 and just going back now and then to the level 1 listening?

No, there shouldn’t be an issue - the listening practices don’t introduce any new material, they are there to develop your listening skills (because to learners, 1st language speakers can seem to talk very fast!), so worthwhile doing them even if you’re further ahead in the course material.