Listening: Catching Up With My Lessons

So, I’m in Level One, Challenge 20, trucking right along. Loving it. Then, realize I had forgotten to listen to the listening exercises, except for the 1st one, and a bit of the 2nd. I had actually noticed my listening skills were less than my speaking. Interesting how that realization made me dig a little deeper as to why! (Darn my subconscious for trying to help me to skip that challenging listening part!)

So, as a result, I just started listening to the listening challenges at 10 and also 15. I get a pretty solid amount of 10, but less of 15, maybe 60% or so.

My guess is that Aran, you would say still to just move along to the next listening challenge at 20, since that is the last challenge I have completed and am now moving on? I’m assuming that the point is not to get all of it, but just get the brain to capture the sounds more quickly? I wondered if not getting all of the listening challenges prior would impact the next listening challenge at 20.

I’ve been avoiding the perfectionistic way of going at this whole thing (a positive change for me) but my ego really would like to have a go at me with this one. :wink:


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I’m not @aran but, well, you’ve got all in this single paragraph. Yes, your asumption is correct. However if you listen to southern version you’ll notice it’s a bit easier to understand then northern.

Hehe. I know EXACTLY what you mean, believe me. :slight_smile: But, say to your “ego” to go on a bit of holidays, will you? :slight_smile:

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I’d say you’ve got two options, depending on how much of the chipmunks you can stomach…:wink:

If you can bear 5 minutes a day, yes, just do the most recent one - 20. If you can bear 10 minutes a day, do 20 and then 15. If you can bear… I think you can see where I’m going with this…:wink:


Thanks! The suggestions have been super helpful. I have been listening in the manner you suggested, Aran. I still have the odd words that I can’t catch. The sounds are becoming less “chipmunk like.” I appreciate your help!

Funny, I did listen to the SW version as well. I can see how they may be more understandable from a recording quality perspective, but funny how my brain didn’t “hear them as well” as when listening to voices I was familiar with from my NW lessons. Funny how brain nuerology, and how the idea of “what wires together, fires together” applies i.e. my learning being associated with the sounds of “whose voice” teaches me over time, not just the content.
Cheers everyone :wink: