Listen to something in Cornish on my phone

Some time ago I wrote a small program for my computer that would play random phrases from a SSi lesson (or any other language audio file). I had to snip out the phrases from the audio file for it to work and that was far too laborious.

So I wrote a version for my phone, and it just works off the original download file. A second program lets me just tap as I re listen to a lesson, to note all the places in the file that the phrases are. Much much better. You can see it on YouTube here.

Using the program. - - - - - - - - - - - - Marking where the phrases are.

Two afternoons well spent.

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Very interesting. Thanks, Steve. Stay well.

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Very well spent I would say. Have responded via your Tube channel.

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Thank you. And indeed we could meet if you make it back home. Although I’m further west than St. Awful. In fact, even further west than your old stomping ground.

Kemmer with

I’ve recently started using the Swift Key Keyboard for my phone, as it understands Cornish. This has prompted me to make a few changes to my app that captures times in the language audio file. I’ve uploaded a short YouTube video so you can see. This took three afternoons, but I like the result.