List of meetups in Newport and surrounding area

A common question that gets asked - is there any meetup happening near X?
Often it’s followed a little later by - this meetup that happens in X, does it still happen?

In Newport and the surrounding area there are a load of regular meetups, at least 1 a day it seems. Meetups organised by ssi learners, coleg gwent, menter iaith, or meetups that have been going on for so long that everyone’s forgotten how they started.

What I’d like to see is a single list of them all, and to be able to show up to a meeting with a reasonable degree of confidence that the meetup didn’t finish 18 months ago only no one remembered to update the internet.


It’s a list of most meetups in Newport and surrounding area (rather vaguely termed the “south-east”). There’s also a calendar so it’s possible to see what’s coming up in the next month, week or day.

That’s about it at the moment.

It’s only as good as the data it contains - so if you’re in the area and know of something I’ve missed, please let me know. Even more importantly - if there’s a mistake, or a meeting has been cancelled or moved or awarded grant money for beer by the government - please let me know.

As the site becomes a little more mature - and if the demand is there! - the plan is to find some volunteers to curate the list of meetups, and open it up to cover a wider area.


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Thanks to @cuckoo, added details of a meetup in Risca on most Thursday evenings. 1745 at Oxford house, so good for people who can’t make daytime meetings


Well, that was short lived. It turns out that the meeting in Oxford house has stopped…

But now the information is up to date!

Imagine the people you’ve saved from turning up to a meeting only to find the doors locked and no-one about.

We salute you, winky-face

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I’ve never been called winky to my face before…

Based on the site stats I’ve saved precisely 0 persons so far

I visit it occasionally to see if you’ve extended your coverage to Carmarthenshire yet.


I need a happy helper elf to happily help with that, if you’re offering…

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Is the “happy” bit compulsory?


Sorry about the duff info James, a part time tutor for Coleg Gwent was the source. :confounded:

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It will be impossible not to be happy after you’ve transcribed the details of 2 dozen meetups out of a PDF rotated 90 degrees the wrong way, and had to cope with a regularly recurring meeting that takes place either on the third Thursday of the month, or the fourth, but no one knows which on a month by month basis

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Pied becso - I’ve just been given a handy PDF file containing all the Coleg Gwent meetups - including the Oxford house one!

1 Like has now had /most/ of the Coleg Gwent meetups added to it. (A few are missing because the info I have only tells me they’re every fortnight, but unfortunately not which fortnight).

As always, please let me know of any errors.


At the moment there are 21 regular meetups listed for an area that’s a 20-30 minute drive centred on Newport. Over three quarters of them are weekly meetups.


Minor site updates:

  • Added a bunch of one off events happening in Newport in November (diolch @TomCasnewydd am y wybodaeth!)

  • One off events now appear in their own tab, so they’re easier to find

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List updated with some more Coleg Gwent events

We’re up to 33 regular meetups for an area that’s a 20-30 minute drive centred on Newport.

Thursday’s looking pretty busy. Breakfast in Ty Tredegar, then nip up to Pontypool for lunch and a chat, then get yourself over to Abertilery Wetherspoons for one of their well priced pints and chicken in the basket, before rounding off the day with a bit of sing with the fine folks at Côr Afon Lwyd in Pontypool

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There’s also Dan y Craig church, Risca. Thursday , ten til midday.


yep, Thursday is definitely the golden day around here! Mind you, most days are pretty well served, it turns out. Apart from Sundays. We must all be more devout than I realised.

Added another meeting to the list - Wednesdays in Brynmawr

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Several one off events added, the highlight being a dawn walk up Mynydd Llwyd for the winter solstice

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Also added a Carol Concert on Tuesday 6th December in Pontypool. For £1 you also get a mince pie and mulled wine. It’s £4.50 for a mince pie and mulled wine at the Chepstow quiz on the 8th!

There’s your North/South divide, right there