Lions tour of New Zealand

What do you think of chosen team? Those in (or from) NZ, do you see the 2017 Lions as worthy rivals? At least we in UK should be able to watch all games! Gone are the days of a radio on at 2.00 a.m. And being unable to,yell for fear of waking neighbours

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Delighted that Sam Warburton is captain. :smile:


I agree with that! Mind, there are some who might argue that the Captain of the 6 nations Champions should get the job!

Hard to see the Lions getting much from this. However, good squad. I think Halfpenny is an interesting inclusion based on recent form, be good to see him back to form and what better place? Good to see Tommy Seymour. I was worried they’d take Visser who I think is overrated. Hartley’s discipline out of an England jersey is why he’s not included. Too much of a risk.

I think they risk doing serious, long-term damage to the Lions concept by failing to take a decent number of Scottish players after their much-improved showing in the 6N. There are plenty of 50/50 calls in there, some of which should have gone Scotland’s way rather than to fringe English players or one or two slightly lucky Welsh ones.


To @aran, There has been surprisingly little about this on TV here in Yr Alban! “These are the two lucky Scots to get selected! They deserve their places!”
Interview…“Yes, really looking forward to it. Think we’ve got a strong squad!”
I haven’t heard anyone mention that so-and-so should be going! I expected a lot of muttering about Gatland being too close to Welsh players and not knowing the rest well enough. But no, in fact Jeremy Guscott says, “Selection is right! This squad can win!”
I agree about Hartley, by the way, @AnthonyCusack, I have just been surprised at the lack of complaints!
I must not always expect the worst!! Good on all the other Nations for not complaining about Ross Moriarty getting picked instead of one of their Flankers!

Jim Telfer has been speaking as bluntly as ever about it. When a Lions legend like that says something is wrong, the Tours Committee really ought to listen.

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I agree with a lot of what Jim says (just looked it up), but if you hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have seen it. I was all braced up for criticism and none came that I saw! Mind, the current political situation is filling all the news space up here just now! (some of us suspect T. May wants shot of Scotland, because she makes UDI more and more likely!)

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Completely agree. For me, Jonny Grey over Lawes, Berkley over Faletau on recent form. I think Moriarty deserves his place. Best player for Wales against Aus, Scotland and England. Scotland’s front row are unlucky. I think Ken Owens, good player, but odd inclusion for me. Same with Jamie George

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Yup, I’d take either of the Gray boys ahead of Lawes all day long and twice on Sunday. And I think Barclay was very unlucky, although I can see the case for Faletau on his club form (and the fact that he’s a proven Test Lion who should have had more starts). Moriarty’s done surprisingly well, but I don’t much like the thought of him against the most intelligent rugby side on the planet. I’m a big fan of Ken Owens, but I think Ross Ford in particular has been very hard done by.

Basically, they’ve paid a hell of a high price for falling apart in one match.

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Um, I didn’t think Scotland did all that well in previous years.

They didn’t do too badly last year - precious little in it against us and the English, and a very good win against France. I’d be worried to see the Tours Committee going further back than a year or two when they’re deciding on the 50/50s.

It’s not going to wreck the tour, and no-one’s going to go on strike about it, but it was a golden and legitimate opportunity to have a more even balance - which would in turn have helped rugby in Scotland, which is in everyone’s interests.

I think it’s a big mistake for the selectors to believe that largely untested fringe England players are a better fit for a Lions tour to NZ than Scots who have beaten Ireland, Wales and France in the last couple of 6Ns - not to mention a point loss to Australia.

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Exactly, further emphasises the (completely unfounded) view that Scottish rugby is a second tier. Would have been nice to see Huw Jones in the squad but I think that would have been very early (a bit like Keith Earls in South Africa).

Also, two years ago they were seconds away from reaching a semi-final of the World Cup. Last Autumn they were on the brink of beating Aus. They’ve been building for years.

Shanklin’s argument is that they’re an excellent team, not a group of individuals. Very backhanded compliment that.

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Would have been nice to see Huw Jones in the squad

Couldn’t agree more. I was heartbroken when I wasn’t included. :disappointed:


Oh Huw!! I am virtually helpless with giggles!!! :grinning:

As Anthony said, maybe just a touch too early for you… :slight_smile:


Why?? :smirk::laughing:

@hewrop you have excellent beard coverage for a 24 year old!


So first tour match this Saturday on Sky, not sure about S4C. I shall record it at 8.00 am. I am not sure exactly who the NZ Provincial Barbarians are - I gather a NZ equivalent of the BaaBaas! So good running rugby and great to watch, gobeithio!

Dw i’n gobeithio hefyd ( I hope so too) but I live just 35 mins drive from Whangarei,where it’s being played and we’ve had 96mm of rain in the last 20 hours and it’s still raining!
The NZ Provincial Barbarians are a team selected to represent the Provinces - Northland, Taranaki, Hawks Bay etc etc, the layer below Super Rugby but above club rugby. They play in the Mitre 10 Cup and it is from these that the Super Rugby franchises select their squads. Bryan Gatland who I think played for North Shore Province in the last Mitre 10 Cup, has this season played a few games for the Blues super rugby franchise when their ‘first five eighths’ (outside halves) have been injured. He’s playing tomorrow.
Hope that’s not too boring a reply and that it’s a great game.