Limited in ability to roll those R's!

Will this impact Welsh speakers understanding me?

I’m tongue-tied, you see. For example, in C4, I pronounce ‘rhaid’ as ‘ride’.

I’m making progress, nevertheless.

No, it’ll have virtually zero impact on comprehension in the vast majority of cases…:slight_smile:

When you say ‘ride’, do you mean an English kind of ‘ride’ with pretty much no ‘r’ sound in it?

It might be an idea to see if you can get anywhere with practising a rolled r - by trying to get it in words like bRead - alternatively, if that’s an absolute non-starter, you might try saying a guttural R at the back of your throat - there are first language Welsh speakers who can’t say a rolled R and settle for guttural… :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if I’m doing it right, so maybe this is off the mark, but I think the ‘rh’ comes out well if you remember to give a puff of air while you are making the ‘r’. If you can’t trill the tongue, don’t worry about it. If you also flick the front of the tongue a bit while you are doing it, the air will make it flutter a bit.

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THAT’s where that ‘I can’t speak Gogledd because of the sound that I can’t make without swallowing my tongue!’ Notion came from!!! :wink: :smile: oh relief! I don’t need to, just roll and rh my r’s!

@aran, I’m far more comfortable with guttural sounds and think I’ll think I’ll settle with that for the time being. I meant ‘ride’ as in the Welsh ‘rhaid’ sounding like the English ‘ride’ whenever I try to roll Rs.

Thanks for the tips, guys. I’ll definitely try and get the practice in but for now I’m not going to let it stagnate my learning.

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You might find this video interesting:

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When I started I practiced rolling my r’s so much I ended up with linguistic repetitive strain injury to the roof of my mouth (meaning there was a strange tingling sensation for days after!)
Still, got it licked, so to speak, now I occasionally worry I roll too much, I’m that excited by my ability to manipulate the letter R!


I look forward to hearing it at mini bwtcamp.

Roedd y ryc yn rhyfedd. Roedden nhw’n rhwystro ein chwaraewyr. Bydd rhaid y dyfarnwr gwneud rhywbeth amdani neu bydd ein rheng flaen yn teimlo’n rhwystredig!