Lift Sharing Wales - Eisteddfods/Gigs/Events/Bootcamps 🚗

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Great thread! :heartbeat:
I’ll be travelling to Caernarfon from Portsmouth on Friday 31st May, returning Sunday 2nd and have a few seats spare. Route not decided yet - I’d be happy to go up through the Midlands/Telford/Shrewsbury/A5 route, or up through the middle of Wales along the A470. (I’m pretty keen on the mountain road between Llanidloes and Machynlleth).
Happy to share the journey!

Syniad da

Diolch i ti, @aliC . Dw i’n gyffrous iawn yn barod! :grin::partying_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::upside_down_face:


Helo Huw! I live in Barmouth and would love to have a lift if you are going via Bermo - I’m staying in the middle of Caernarfon - let me know please if you do go this way! Hwyl fawr, Mari

Helo @mari-hughes-haddon. I’ll happily go via Y Bermo and offer you a lift.
Can you send me a PM with your preferred pick-up point and whether you’d like a lift back on Sunday?
The same applies to you @BronwenLewis, if you’re still interested, :smile:

Helo, pawb. This post may only partially suit this thread, so apologies in advance, and here goes…I’m coming from the US and will be flying into Birmingam the morning of the 29th. I’m booked into a hostel in Caernarfon Thursday the 30th, through Monday June 3. That leaves Wednesday the 29th to play with. Any recommendations of where to stop on my way from Birmingham to Caernarfon? I figure I might as well stop in a nice town/city/village on my way from Birmingam to Caernarfon, one that is served by train and/or bus, and would love some suggestions. As for the part that is relevant to this thread, is there someone who lives between B. and C. who will be driving to Caernarfon on Thursday the 30th and who would be interested in some company (and someone to chip in for petrol)? If so that might guide my choice of stopover. Thanks for indulging this only partial relevance to the thread, and for any recommendations of what to see on my way. Diolch!

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Hi Huw, I’ve replied but it’s gone on at Number 28 of this thread :joy:

Hello Mari. I got your post thanks but have edited it out for your privacy.
I’ll send you a private message with my personal e-mail and mobile number so we can finalise our arrangements. You can reply to it or let me know here if you don’t see it. If so, I’ll try to suggest a work around. :smile:

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There are quite a few SSiWers in the Coventry/Birmingham area - I don’t know which ones will be coming to the party or when, but it might be worth you checking out this thread to ask for lifts in case they don’t see your post here.

As for where to stay between Birmingham and Caernarfon, the train does stop at various places on the North Wales coast - you could go all the way to Bangor and stay there for the night or you might want to stop off in Conwy and see the castle.
The buses will take considerably longer but would go through some very pretty inland towns/villages, especially one that went along the A5 - Llangollen or Betws y Coed could be stops on that route.

I’ll be driving from Caernarfon to the Wrecsam/Oswestry area on Mon 3rd June and I’d be happy to offer a lift to anyone who might need one

I’ve just had an idea regarding posting on this thread.

If you are posting offering a lift or seeking a lift, would it make it easier for anyone scrolling through quickly if they were posted like this…?

Cardiff to Bangor 27/06/19 - LIFT AVAILABLE
Hi, I will be travelling from Cardiff…


Cardiff to Bangor 27/06/19 - SEEKING LIFT
Hi, i’m looking to travel from Cardiff…

Or am I just being picky on a morning after a difficult night and when I can’t find my reading glasses… :rofl:


Or am I just being picky on a morning after a difficult night and when I can’t find my reading glasses… :rofl:

Probably :wink: but they’re excellent suggestions anyway. Felly:-

Ystrad Meurig-Aberystwyth-Machynlleth-Dolgellau-Barmouth-Caernarfon 31/5 - 2/6/19
Two more places offered to and from the party


Yes, a great idea :slightly_smiling_face:, so from me:

Caernarfon to Wrecsam / Oswestry Mon 3/06/19 - LIFT AVAILABLE

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Lift available:
Llanelli to Caernarfon Thurs 30/05/19
Caernarfon to Llanelli Mon 03/06/19

Actually. Catrin, this is an extremely helpful idea. Diolch yn fawr!

Diolch yn fawr iawn, Siaron for these excellent suggestions! And, yes, good thought, I will also post in the Coventry/Birmingham thread. I have such a hard time choosing, when I travel, - I want to see it all! I may end up deciding where to spend the night based on where I can find a hostel.

I was in Wales for the first time about 18 years ago with my parents, over a decade before I started learning Welsh, and we visited Conwy. I LOVED the castle. And I remember taking a photo outside the Smallest House in Britain, which was closed that day, alas. We also stayed a couple nights in Llandudno, also lovely. That’s where I first encountered the double L sound. I remember the woman who ran the bed and breakfast instructing me to put the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth and blow air out the sides. All this time later, I’m still working on perfecting my “ll”. :slight_smile:

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If you’ve already seen (bits of) the North coast and want to go for a different view, an alternative could be to take the train to Machynlleth instead. From there you’d have the choice of either going up the West coast on the train (but you’d have to get off at either Porthmadog or Pwllheli and get a bus to Caernarfon from those), or going up through the middle via Dolgellau to Caernarfon on the bus.
There are quite a few hostels around depending on your route/mode of transport. This site might be useful - :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks, @siaronjames! Excellent and super helpful information. Much appreciated! :grinning: