Levels -v- courses

I know that this has been discussed quite a bit, but I feel rather strongly about it.

Having just finished all three ‘old’ Courses and all three ‘new’ Levels, I wish to reiterate a point of mine that the Courses and Levels complement each other, even though the newer Levels seem not to have been planned as such. The Courses add a sense of structure lacking in the Levels; the Levels give a much wider exposure to the language missing in the Courses. In particular I identify with a recent comment in another thread by @rebecca:

“The vocab lessons (of the old Courses) are especially useful for those who never did the original courses, I think - to be able to practice things like numbers, months, days etc all in one place, and to have a few puzzles cleared up (like dau/dwy). But people unfamiliar with the original courses might not even realise those lessons are there, and certainly not what is in them. I thought it might be helpful if the vocab lessons could be relabelled (‘Numbers 1-10’, ‘Months’, etc) and put somewhere easy to access.”

Having been spared the need to write the above myself, which in fact refers to the Course 1 vocab lessons, I would add that I found the Course 2 vocab lessons equally valuable, with their many words concerning arguments, expectations, feelings, parts of the body, amongst others. And without Course 2, I would not have been exposed to Siglo, one of my favourite words.

Furthermore, I found the structured exposure to the “preterite” - the short form of the past tense - on which Course 3 focusses - highly valuable. I feel that it taught me this tense without having had to wade through a grammar book.

Without belittling the Levels, which are equally good, it does seem a real shame that the Courses have been ‘hidden away’ somewhat on the site. I do think that they should be advertised more.


I’m planning to do Course 1 after I finish Level 1. I had started doing Course 1, but it was recommended to start Level 1. Course 1 starts out slower, but I like the additional structure in it.

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That could be really helpful to know - I’m a recent starter on level 1, but have been wondering if there was anywhere for some everyday things like numbers etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve also been wondering - as thinking of braving my local meetup, but only on level 1 challenge 5 (about to start challenge 6) - if there’s a bit with everyday greetings/such… I know the challenges start and finish with some, but without looking up elsewhere I don’t actually know what they mean - and these would also be useful for conversation :confused: (I’m not in Wales, so they’re not something I come across in everyday life!).

Just to clarify - I definitely feel I’m progressing, and am really enjoying learning - but advice on a good source of basic everyday language for conversation would be helpful. I can say I’ve been learning Welsh for about a month and that I think something’s interesting, but need English to introduce myself/ say hello/goodbye/thank you with confidence!

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The key thing here is that I have yet to meet anyone who’s finished Level 3 who needs any more learning - so while the Courses can be entertaining for them (and feel more structured, although that’s more about the feeling than anything) they’re not really necessary for the learning process by that point - people who started off with the courses were not fully ready for Bootcamp by the end of Course 1, but people at the end of Level 1 are:slight_smile:

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Have only looked at listening transcript for first time now - had listened a number of times on other days, and understood overall - but with transcript & especially translation for concluding phrase :sunny:
Notes at top made me realise aspect I was missing - has putting the note below the exercise itself ever been considered? At least for the first one encountered?? Or Is the concern that people will look too soon? I’d recognised value in exercise before… but even more appreciative now! :slight_smile:

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@aran, I have no doubt that your experience with hundreds (?) of SSiW learners is correct and I accept your argument. I also note that I did each old Course before its ‘corresponding’ new Level, and my experience might have been different had I started with the Levels.
But I maintain that the Course 1 and 2 Vocab lessons are a real treasure, perhaps after the Levels have been done, and should be pushed more.
Concerning your point above about the “feeling”, this reminds me of the recent observation elsewhere by @Iestyn about the desirability of a certain level of discomfort when learning. Good point, and (at least for me) food for thought.

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Yup, the vocab lessons kind of stand to one side… might well try and figure out a way to point L3 finishers at them just in case they haven’t already got them from exposure… :slight_smile:

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Just to add a slightly different experience: unlike Baruch who had started with the"old" Courses, I started with Level 1. And I’m quite certainly lazier than him, too. :grin:

Anyway, at some point last summer I decided to give Course 1 a try, since quite a few people in the Forum had appreciated it a lot.

My notes after lesson 1:
Supereasy, compared to levels/challenges. Good to have explanations and consolidate details. Sometimes I answer so fast that I have to stop and wonder “what did I just say?” as if it was someone else speaking!

My notes after lesson 2-5:
note: :laughing: Sounds kinda funny here, but I wouldn’t blame the Course for this: about 2-3 weeks after starting SSiW I just couldn’t help but fall asleep every single time I tried to do a challenge or lesson, and at any time of the day! And if I stopped, I instantly stopped feeling sleepy too. That was really weird, by the way!

My notes after lesson 6:
This style is getting a bit boring. I like adding words to my vocabulary and explanations, but sentences remind me of school lesson a bit. Oddly enough, despite repetitions and feeling everything’s clear at the end of each lesson I seem to forget most of the things I’ve learnt in previous ones (while with challenges I feel totally confused and as if I could never possibly remember anything of what I just did, but then…turns out that I do!)

So I decided to stop and go back to challenges. :smiley:
But I never tried vocabulary lessons, so I can’t say anything about it - and anyway this is not meant to contradict Baruch in any way but actually one more proof that it’s great to have the chance to follow the lessons and learn the way you prefer, here (unlike most courses)!


That much I’m very familiar with!! :grinning: :roll_eyes:
But at least I do have the age factor excuse! :wink: