Level One Southern. Vocabulary?

I have decided to go back to the new Level One.

I did start the old course one and did up to course 4. Then I went to college and am in my second year.
I do want to be able to speak more quickly but there are a few words, which I have no idea what they are, and a list of the vocabulary for the new level one Southern, would be very useful.
I know SSIW are not keen on this but I promise I won’t use it while doing the Challenges. I just want to check what the words themselves look like. Most I can hear very clearly but there are a few I am sure I am not getting right.

Many thanks though for a great course and all the support and work you all put into it.

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Shwmae Ann,
I have just sent you a link via PM to a rough draft of the course guide I am compiling for the southern version of the new course.


Brilliant! Thank you so much. No trouble at all downloading. Straight away I can see what I am hearing wrongly. Easy to do as an English person! I am very grateful as I can press on happily now. Diolch yn fawr iawn!

That’s ok, no problem! :blush:

Just bear in mind that the words on the guide are how they’re spelt in Welsh, and not how they sound to an English ear! (phonetically I mean).
As long as you’re pronouncing the Welsh as you hear Iestyn and Cat pronounce them, you won’t go far wrong!

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Hi there,
I am back for help again please.

Can you tell me where I can find a written copy of the
" listening practice 1" for new level 1.
I have just completed challenge 5.
For southern please.

Many thanks Ann

S’mae Ann?

Follow this link for the transcript:





Diolch yn fawr iawn!


…and anyone else following the Southern course and would like notes to the most recent lessons can go to this thread where I will post the notes for each new lesson as they’re released (or at least within a few days of release!)

We’re up to challenge 19 now, with challenge 20 on the way shortly (I believe!)

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Level one Challenge 10. Lots of country names, but as far as I can see Scotland not in the vocab list. Mentioned around minute 16:30-17.

I live in it. Yr Alban. BBC Alba is the channel in Scottish Gaelic, so I’d guess ‘Alba’ = ‘Scotland’ = ‘Yr Alban’. Shades of ‘Albion’? Ironic, in a way, but I suppose reflective of Rome’s failure to conquer the north!
Thinking about it, Scotish Gaelic derives from Irish, as so many crossed from ireland in the Dalriada invasion and various other arrivals. Those coming would have called Britain ‘Alba’ in their language and this was the bit of Britain they settled, so it stuck!


Might easily have been missed from the vocab list - but as henddraig confirms, it’s ‘Yr Alban’… :slight_smile:

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Thank you both kindly.

I was posting mostly just hoping to be helpful for improving the vocab list for the next person. I didn’t say that. :slight_smile:

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Noted and fixed - diolch! :star: :star2:

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Please could you add the cymraeg for Ireland, too? Mentioned at around 27:30 in Challenge 10.

Oh and Korea, please, 30 minutes in (Challenge 10 again)?

Alice, fach, to get Aran’s attention, you need to start typing his name with @
As you add a and r you will see names pop up for choice and when you see @aran click on it! He will then get a message, and I think we need him to get it, because I can’t add things to official lists. I don’t live in Iwerddon or Corea, but Ireland play us at rugby, so I learned ‘Iwerddon’ some time back, and I guessed Corea and checked it in a handy app!!

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Thanks @henddraig. Good point.

Hello @aran, I just spotted a couple more words from on Challenge 10, (above), please could you update the vocab list for us? [edited to be a bit more polite =)]

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Done - diolch! :star2: