Level 3 Week 9 Poetry recitation

Learning the poetry was a piece of cake compared to making the video - I think this was the millionth take! :sweat_smile:
Y Brain gan ID Hooson - with sincere apologies to Mr Hooson!!! I’m sure he didn’t expect his lovely poetry to come to this! :):grin:

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Da iawn @Cetra perfformiad gwych!

Diolch Caz!! :slight_smile: It was inspired by your performance! :grinning:

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Oh that’s very kind, I had fun making a fool of myself…

Sorry @Cetra but obviously the video can be seen only by those who are the part of the “SSiW 6/6 Support” (it says " Sign in to SSiW 6/6 Support") and no one else so unfortunately I can’t comment but surely it isn’t as bad as you claim it is. I believe it’s actually good one and I think Mr Hooson wouldn’t argue with the performance at all.

Tatjana :slight_smile:

and … Blwyddyn newyd dda!

Hi @tatjana! I’m having to use Flickr rather than YouTube as I can’t remember my YouTube login :frowning: I was having problems getting the link to render as a video in the Forum whereas it worked fine in Slack. I’ve just had another look at it and I think this will work: Y Brain ID Hooson
Enjoy! :wink: