Level 3 Southern

Still no sign of Level 3 Southern - any chance?

Definitely in the pipeline and will be available in due course…

In the meantime, there’s plenty to keep the brain cells ticking over with the old courses and vocab units. :slight_smile:


We’re hoping this week will be when the course creation tool is up and running again, so it might be as early as next week that Iestyn can start pushing on with Level 3 southern - fingers crossed that will actually mean publication within the next couple of months…


Oh, good, just in time for me to finish Course 3 and need something else to digest. By the way, I don’t know if others have mentioned this, but it works great for me to bounce back and forth between the Courses and the Levels. Just when I’m getting super-frustrated by something that’s not sticking, I switch to where I left off on the other thread, and there I am with a mix of old and new words, which makes it much easier–yet still challenging.

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I’ve just seen a sneak preview of SSiBorg 3.0 in action, and it’s looking pretty slick - I should be back in the saddle for L3 northern next week, so depending on just how much is on his plate at home at the moment, Iestyn probably won’t be all that long after me… :slight_smile: