Level 3 South

Is there any chance of Level 3 Southern starting?

Iestyn’s working on it at the moment… :slight_smile:


The technical hitches sorted, I started recording yesterday, and will be finding a slot for Cat to record during this week also, so something will appear within the next two weeks, I hope, certainly by the end of the month.

Sorry for the delay!



Sorry for the delay!

Don’t apologise - great news! :smile:


Wow. Things are getting real here!


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Hi there, new to the forum today, so can I just check my understanding of things please?

I have completed Levels 1 & 2 (South) via the app, which I bluetooth through my car stereo daily - it’s been a fantastic way of doing something useful whilst travelling and I’ve recommended it to everyone!!

I assume there is no Level 3 yet, given the question above - so I went to course 3 (old) however, there were lots of words I hadn’t yet learnt and some words/phrases that I had learnt were being said slightly differently (I think!) .

I don’t want to confuse what I’ve learnt already and am happy to continue going over the courses while I await Level 3 but would you suggest I start at Course 1 (old) now or have you a better suggestion please?

Many thanks in advance


Further to my above comment, I forgot to mention that there does seem to be some Level 3 lessons on my PC but not on the app - Is this correct?

Thanks again


Welcome to the forum, Maria! Congratulations on completing Level 1 and Level 2 - that’s a great accomplishment! :slight_smile:

There are 10 Challenges available so far for Level 3 North, but none yet for Level 3 South, although that’s about to change as you probably saw earlier in this thread. I did the old Courses first, and am now almost done with Level 1. There is some different material in the Courses and the Levels, so you could certainly go through the old Courses while you wait for Level 3 South challenges, and you would get a good review, some new vocabulary, and some alternate ways of saying things. The vocab units that go with the old Courses are meant to be done after each course, so if you’d like to go in order it’s Course 1, Course 1 Vocabs, Course 2, Course 2 vocabs, Course 3. I’d start with Course 1, even though you’ll find a lot of it easy - you can just fly through what you already know, and gather the new stuff along the way.

Let us know how you get on! :slight_smile:

That’s probably your PC showing you the northern version…:slight_smile:

You’d definitely be better off running through Course 1 and 2 before trying Course 3 - you’ll fly through the early stuff, after having done the Levels, but you should get to some valuable challenging stuff fairly soon…:slight_smile:

But the key thing for you right now is: get into some conversations! You’ve got enough Welsh already - you just need to get used to forcing yourself to use it now… :slight_smile:

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THanks very much for your swift reply. That makes total sense to me now, so I will do as you suggest.

I have to say being able to learn everyday via the app has been so convenient and made my car journeys much more fun! I actual look forward to long journeys now!!

Im lucky that I work with a few welsh speakers and they have all been really impressed with how much I have learnt in a short time (I only started in March!) and they love me practising on them!! I havent quite plucked up the courage to use it with my customers yet but they are all really pleased that I am trying. I will give it a go soon, promise!! :grinning:

Thanks again


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The apps (there are both iPhone and Android) are great, aren’t they? It’s so much more convenient than downloading lessons to the computer and transferring them to a device.

Sounds like you aren’t shy about using your Welsh, which is wonderful! :thumbsup: It’s great that you have people that enjoy practicing with you. I live in the US, so my only chance to talk to anyone is through Skype :slight_frown: Wish I had someone local!

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I did some of the old Courses after doing the Levels - I think I got to the end of Level 1 & then tried the end of Course 1 but found the same sort of differences as @mariawilliams is commenting on - so skipped through Course 1 doing just one lesson out of every 2 or 3.


It’s quite funny really as I seem to be teaching them the ‘correct’ way to say things sometimes so we laugh about that!

Also it amazes me how, after a long learning session (4 hours yesterday!), by the time I get home, I find i am even thinking in Welsh so i’ll pop the welsh channel on the tv and see what I can understand. I’m able to pick out quite a few words although its strange to hear other peoples voices saying things! :joy:

The other thing is, I cant stop singing Coffee Du, Coffee Du for hours! :joy::joy::joy:

Well done for flying the Welsh flag out in the US!! Tell them you are related to Tom Jones. Haha x


Good luck. (How’s that said in Welsh?)

You’d usually hear ‘pob lwc’ or ‘pob lwc i ti/chi’…:slight_smile:

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Just a quick update: We have completed the recordings for the first couple of challenges, so we just need to go through the compilation / publishing process,

Thank you for your patience!


Hwre! Dwi’n disgwl ymlaen am rhain! :slight_smile:

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If you’re anything like me - you would’ve been massively freaked out upon hearing “Coffi Du” out in the wild for the first time (not just the ten second clip).

It came on my local Welsh shop a few weeks ago and I almost made a scene.



I’m glad you didn’t fall to the floor and curl up in a tight ball, sobbing… :slight_smile:

[But you really ought to have bought the album by now: Cedors Hen Wrach. Absurdly cheap.]

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