Level 3 South Challenges beyond rhif 14

Dear beloved SSIW team. Having got to L3, ch. 6 today, I thought: “mmmmm, I must download beyond no. 9 which is where I’d downloaded to when that was all that was available in L3, South”. So I went on tonight and did y busnes. But though there’s challenges up to 19 there, I think when it gets to 16 there’s that wee polite little notice saying that they’re North challenges. So… felly, dwy cwestiwn really… firstly when do you think you’ll do some challenges beyond 14 South, pretty please? Os gwelwch chi’n dda bert! And the other thing is, I noticed that when you look at the file name for Challenge 15 it has an ‘n’ after it, whereas all the others to Ch. 14 have an ‘s’. Does that mean it’s actually a North challenge or is it just a typo? Only, I don’t want to start going off on too much of a tangent and learning too much Northern stuff, dych chi’n weld? Anyway, still loving it, though finding the Level 3 challenges are ones that (for me ta beth) that I really have to do again and again. Wel, some mwy than arall, but still more than any in Lefel dau. Not to worry, always pretty much get there in the end…

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Hi Caroline. On my laptop (on the website) Challenge 15 South shows an “s”. Perhaps different on the app or whatever? Or is there any chance that you were inadvertently on the N Challenges? Say, if you clicked “change to N” by accident, which I think is right next to “download”.

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OK, thanks for the tip, I’ll have a look next time I log on to that particular laptop. Defo not using the app for downloads and copying over to my iPod so it can’t be that, but I’ll check the other angle. Diolch yn fawr.

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As John says, that needs checking - definitely sounds as though you’ve got yourself over onto the northern side of things… :slight_smile:

OK, will check :slight_smile: Last night I couldn’t get back to the page where you download and can see the challenges plus their names. Will keep you posted. Diolch eto.

@aran and @JohnYoung Felly, I’ve had a chance to check and I made sure I was in the South version, but the challenges definitely seem to end with no. 14 (though it’s displaying up to 19). When you click onto 15 an 16 for instance, you get a pop-up window that says: “Unfortunately, this lesson is not yet available for the South region. To switch to another region, click here: North”
the word ‘North’ being a link, wrth gwrs.

So, is there anything else I can try or is it WIP? I’ve only reached number 6 so at my current rate of progress it will probably be at least a month before it becomes important I’m doing a South versiwn of 15 and beyond.

Any help gratefully received, aka ‘ta muchly’.

Ah, good - that’s correct behaviour - it’s showing up to 19 because that’s how many challenges have been created - but the southern ones are only up to 14 at the moment, so when you try to choose a challenge beyond 14, you’re being told that they’re only available for the northern version… :slight_smile:


The next set of South lessons are in the pipeline - Iestyn is part way through the sentence building stage at the moment, so once that’s done, and they’ve made the recordings, we should have a few more for you :slight_smile:


@aran spot on - precisely and so on.

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Excellent, thanks @Kinetic. Moved on to challenge 7 level 3 heddiw, but as I tend to do my SSIW in the car on the way to Merthyr and that can be a bit touch and mynd, I dare say it’ll be at least 3 weeks to a month before I get to challenge 15. It’s frightening to think that on this journey of discovery of mine, I’m in danger of catching up with the development work - yikes! ych a fi! I started dysguing Cymraeg on 22 Sep 2016 and intend to take the Mynediad level exam on 8 June, but never in a million years would I have thought I’d get this far. Feeling very positive about it - which is a great feeling.


@aran As I’ve despatched husband to pwll nofio on’in meddwl I’d nab the laptop and download the challenges for the South beyond rhif 14, but it looks like they’re still only available for the Gogledd - is that right? Only now I’m kinda chomping at the bit tipyn bach because - though it’s taken me considerably longer to get to where I am than I thought it would, due to a variety of pethau - I am yn bendant within un wythnos going to want to get on and do challenges 15 to 20 South. But if they’re not there to download, I’m tipyn bach stuck. Any news or est-ce que j’aboie up the wrong coeden? Let me know if this FrWenglish is just too much for you :wink:


I know Iestyn has been having a bit of a busy time of it recently - but he’s still the guy to ping about this - @Iestyn, how are things shaping up for some more southern L3 lessons? :slight_smile:

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Thanks @aran will sit on hands until such time as…

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Shw mae, Caroline?

J’adore the FrWenglish!

I’ll get the mauvais news out of the way first - as Aran says, the course 3 has stalled over the last 3 months, really, with a constant barrage of other work and family issues taking up my time. I have a bwtcamp next week, which means another fortnight of doing nothing on course 3.

There is better news, though. I have already completed some of the work needed, and I have Lefel 3 written in bold black ink on my plan for May. That doesn’t help you with your need to do challenges now.

I’m really sorry to slow you down - you are obviously really committed to this - but I shall be working on lefel 3 as soon as I’m back from bwtcamp.



While waiting I am working through the old material. I have decided to live in the present with perhaps a few memories of the past, and give no thought to the future - and hope that I never need to forgive anybody. Yes, I am struggling with short forms. I will try to finish before the new material arrives, but it may be a close thing.



And if you don’t make me a cup of coffee straight away, then I will never love anyone ever again, llawer o chwertin

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There is somebody’s ear in my bag. (I am almost sure that I didn’t dream that or make it up.)


Oooo, gruesome! I don’t think we’ve learned ear, nor somebody, but I could do you a fair rendition of that one is ten and the other one is fifteen. Or she has such a kind heart that was the least I could do


Hi @carolineparkinson
I am pretty sure it was in the old material, course 2, vocab lesson 10. I was completely unable to continue because I was busy having hysterics.

Edited to add:
Yes, found it. 12 min 13 seconds in. “I had somebody’s ear in my bag.” Roedd clust rhywun gyda fi yn fy mag i.