Level 3 options

I am about to finish the deepend course, what options are there to keep progressing or do I simply keep practicing all the current and previous course work?

There is an advanced content section which I have glanced at - but since I finished DeepEnd a few weeks ago I’m playing ‘Challenge Lottery’ with level 3 and just cementing everything before moving on.

‘Challenge Lottery’ is where I look at the vocab list and think “I don’t remember that” and then do that challenge. It’s a bit of fun.

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Ok thanks Ken

I like the idea of the challenge lottery! I’ll try it myself!

As additional answer to @louis-bell , I’d say at the end of Level 3 I kept on re-doing challanges from time to time.

But also started taking advantage of the Advanced Content (by the way it’s probably a good idea to start from the most recent series of interviews, which are shorter and easier to follow according to many).

I know some decided to do the older versions of the Courses, or the Southern if they had done the Northern and viceversa.

And of course you can always practice speaking with real people in person if you’re in Wales or through the Welsh Practice Group on the web.

(just a few ideas)

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