Level 3 - no access

Hiya. I paid £200 two years ago and only just ready to do Level 3 but it goes on to a subscription page. Surely if the first 15 challenges are free in Level 1, then Level 3 is included in that initial amount?

I see this is the second time you’ve posted about this - sorry no one has got back to you before. I can’t answer the quesry but I’m going to tag @aran, @Iestyn and @Deborah-SSi here and hopefully they’ll be able to advise. Alternatively, you could email admin@saysomethingin.com .

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Thank you very much Siaron. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Hi Wayne, yes if you could send an email through to admin at the email address Siaron gave you, we’ll be able to check into it there :slight_smile:


Thank you Deborah, I will do :slight_smile: