Level 3 mistakes

So I thought this had happened once or twice but I thought if must’ve been me.
I’m listening to level 3 challenge three and the English is ‘before we buy part of the hotel’ but the Welsh ends up being ‘before we buy part of the wall’ :rofl::joy: 14.41 they say ‘wal’ not ‘gwesty’ well it’s keeping me on my toes.


Unfortunately it is a mistake (I’ve sensed it too) so allerting @aran if there’d be any future updates to correct this one. I’ve sensed many more so maybe the recordings should still be checked by the living person rather then the SSiBorg.


It’s not many I just thought it was part of it for a sec :rofl:

Ah, that sounds like a slip up at the recording stage - northern or southern? :slight_smile:


Southern - must admit I just did a double-take at time, then carried on! And I haven’t flagged any in ages (very guilty look, having now finished level 3). They’re rare, but do happen - when I have queried anything, I’ve always done it via the relevant channel in Slack. What would you prefer us to do @aran?


@jen, if you’re the same Jen needing to chat, I’m around at the moment - could chat via Slack?

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We’re not very organised on this side of things, to be honest (partly because it’s not a fatal error - kind of gives you two for the price of one :wink: ) - but I’m going to tag @Kinetic on this - Ifan, could you make a note of this and lead on getting the re-records and/or changing the text? :slight_smile:

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It has been suggested, in friendly chat, that if we notice it shows that we’re really listening/progressing :upside_down_face: I quite liked that idea - good for morale!!


I did level 1 Northern too and there are some slips also but I didn’t make a note of them though. If you want I can listen to all again and mark things down. Not one is really vital though and yes, this means we really listen and learn … :slight_smile:

There are a handful through the Southern version too but I’m afraid I didn’t note them down either.