Level 3 Challenge 9 (South)

There’s a sentence at 13:40:

‘I can’t remember what I need to say yet’ ‘Alla i ddim cofio beth sy eisiau i fi ddweud eto’

I keep wanting to say ‘Alla i ddim cofio beth mae eisiau i fi ddweud eto’ which I think is how we’ve been told to say it previously (unless my mind is playing tricks!). Is it fine to use either sy or mae or does one sound more natural? Is so why?

Thanks in advance :blush:

It should definitely be sy here, not mae, because beth is the subject of the sentence and is always followed by sy when it is.- so, you could say Beth mae’r ci yn wneud nawr (because the dog is the subject here), but in the example you’ve given, the subject of the sentence is what I need to say…
Does that make sense?

Yes it does thanks! Guess I just need lots of practice until I instinctively know which one is the correct one to use! :blush:

Yup, practice is the way - instinct will kick in eventually, I promise! :slight_smile: