Level 3 Challenge 8 (South)

There’s a couple of sentences in challenge 8 which sound very similar but have a different Welsh construction:

‘Escaping from the pretty eyes is easy’ is ‘Mae dianc rhag y llygaid pert yn hawdd’ (07:36)
‘Escaping from the pretty eyes is the challenge now’ is ‘Dianc rhag y llygaid pert yw’r her nawr’ (07:50)

Please could someone explain why this is? I assume the 2nd sentence is an emphatic one, hence no ‘mae’ at the beginning but how would you know that when you hear the English?

If you swap the ends of the sentences to the beginning, you can see when they have different constructions -
"easy is escaping from… " - this doesn’t make sense this way round (poetic licence aside!)
“the challenge now is escaping from…” - this does make sense this way round.

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That’s brilliant thanks! Will that work for all emphatic sentences?

The second sentence you have here is more of an ‘identification’* one than an emphatic one, but yes, putting ‘yw’ (or ‘ydy’ is another option) in the middle rather than ‘mae’ at the beginning works for emphatic and identification sentences.

*identification here means when both sides refer to the same thing and that’s how the “split and reverse” trick works - emphatic is just when the emphasis shifts and the word order shifts with it. E.g if you wanted to emphasise ‘easy’ in the first sentence, you could say “hawdd yw dianc rhag…” (knowing the English is emphatic comes tone, knowing the Welsh is emphatic comes from tone AND word order).

I hope that makes sense - it will come naturally the more exposure you get of these type of sentences though :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yes I’m sure practice will help! :blush:

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