Level 3 Challenge 18 - door

Hi @aran, I have just been doing Challenge 18 and the word for door is introduced. I’m sure we’ve been opening doors and closing windows for some time (I’ve checked back and ‘drws’ is on the vocabulary list for Challenge 12). Was SSiBorg having an off day?

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Yeah, slight hiccup there between ‘stuff pre-SSiBorg’ and ‘stuff the SSiBorg knows’ - in an ideal world, we’d remove it and save a few minutes, but it didn’t seem worth going back and re-building… :slight_smile:


I “sort of” noticed, but just assumed that I’d previously picked it up from one of the other challenges or lessons. I was more than happy to have it as a bit of chilled out/spaced out repetition, or whatever the technical term is :slight_smile:


Four years later and someone else (me) asks themselves the very same question and finds the answer on the forum.